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24 thoughts on “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails – Meteorologist Scott Stevens on Geo-Engineering

  1. jeffryandrews25

    Suspicious Observer has the straight info.Enough lies by globalist? paid ‘scientists,pure Bullshit Getting money from BOTH sides,you the public looses!

  2. pierotte pepe Vassau

    gread vid…I have been on radio show trying to? out this info…Slaves no more…from the bottom of my heart ty for stepping up,mr weather man.

  3. Amaterasu Solar

    Let’s jump into a new paradigm. Search for “The Abundance Paradigm Amaterasu” for more on? a better path for Humankind.

  4. UnitedCorpOfAmerica

    Terrible audio, presentor added nothing? but the “whispering mystery voice” and “wow, look at these” zero new information. What did these turds pay to see, some quasi celebrity? Seen better chemtrail vids in 180p.

  5. Harold Saive

    We now have documents confirming military weather modification experiments with ionospheric heaters began prior to 1958. Read it? at chemtrailsplanet . net

  6. Nicole Stemwedel

    Sounds like aluminum but must be very small particles if liquid. I thought the chemicals were in a gaseous form. Anyway, not healthy for us. Such? a different era from “green” living.

  7. Anikichanman

    OK, so we have all these pilots “painting” these trails, and then there? has to be a fairly large support system in place, so why no significant “smoking gun” leaks to the public and media? Do they threaten all the people involved with violence or something? Is just the fear of losing a paycheck enough to shut them up? Are they mindless slaves? We need an explanation for this.

  8. kcraigdc1


  9. itchiray

    The ships could be unmanned drones as well. They have announced drone submarines which means they’ve likely had them for years. It amazes me how so many folks don’t question or greatly changed skies. Some intelligent folks don’t think we have the power to manipulate such big planetary forces? but Scott presents powerful info and analysis. Bless you, Scott!

  10. radioactivewraith

    Yeah, no. Sorry. Drones are WAY too small to carry anywhere near enough material to spray “Chemtrails”, at least,? if you’re among the type to believe the long white trails in the sky are “chemtrails”.

  11. radioactivewraith

    This is one of the biggest holes in “chemtrails”, imo. The government, one of the most dysfunctional organizations? in existence, is managing to pull off a coverup on this scale………?

  12. Sally Ann

    I watched them build at huge chemtrail star over my mom and dad’s house last week. They cloud over the little towns first, then hit the big one in the middle. That’s how they make? it rain. We don’t have big fluffy clouds anymore. If the planes don’t lay trails, we have nothing but very bright sun and bright blue sky. I’ve had silver glitter on my car too. What is this doing to our lungs and our water?

  13. trillion33

    “to maintain a sane and rational argument for the continued research necessary to determine that which you mentioned, one must leave this out of the discussion in order to? not fuel unwarranted speculation.”

    I phrased this a little wrong. It should read: “to maintain a sane and rational argument for the continued research necessary to determine his theory, thus rendering your point as a necessity for a whole new conference/investigation as to the why, how and who.” Does that make sense?

  14. trillion33

    With what little resources this man has, to maintain a sane and rational argument for the continued research necessary to determine that which you mentioned, one must leave? this out of the discussion in order to not fuel unwarranted speculation.

    Not that what I’m saying means you are wrong, I do believe these are still things to be discussed, but there is a time and a place and at a chem trail conference, there is enough dissent within the topic at hand, no need to confuscate the issue.

  15. trillion33

    The points? you bring up about what he doesn’t discuss, well I believe I have an answer for that, not for him, but what I can safely assume is a good reason not to mention the stuff about morgellons. The same reason people don’t talk about who or how 9/11 was perpetrated. It’s speculation, not factual data. We used to be able to set up a commission to publish it’s findings on the subject, but now we have to rely independent sources who do not have unlimited funds to carry out investigations.cont.

  16. trillion33

    Clearly you didn’t stick it out until the end of the video. Either way you choose to spin it, it’s your choice not his. He is just presenting data he’s uncovered in a rather unbiased manner. The? truth is something to ignore, ridicule and then and only then can understanding persist. He does say we all do this at our own pace for everything we eventually come to understand, so do yourself a favour and start seeing what many see as self evident truthful fact.Manipulation for gain is how its played

  17. mystars721

    Oh! And another thing, why didn’t? you speak of the thousands of people sick with “morgellons” disease? What about the “webs” people are finding all over their yards that react to stimuli??? Huh? Not important enough to discuss? Laura


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