Contrail, Chemtrail, what is it?

Video made on September 6th 2009 around Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. These trails are not normal. What are they?

8 thoughts on “Contrail, Chemtrail, what is it?

  1. mammamia0716

    I documented chemtrails over Kelowna BC during the same time period. Within 2 days, under same climate/weather conditions, one day the sky was filled with chemtrail activity, 2 days later, nothing… I’ve also posted a video showing what a NORMAL jet contrail actually looks like, for those who might be confused. I’ve caught a jet spraying chemtrails, & at the same approximate elevation and airspace, other jets leaving normal contrails which dissipate within seconds. Inexplicable, scientifcally.

  2. mamichgi

    Just google for Nasa contrail science. You can read: Contrails only form at very high altitudes (usually above 8 km).
    Just watch a little bit the sky and you can surely see planes whose contrails disappear in a few seconds and lower flying planes with persistent trails at the same time. Then you will be sure that your video show chemtrails.
    I have researched a lot in this topic and for me there is no doubt about it.

  3. Meanie83

    Well, my depth perceptionproblem has never arisen before. Could you explain to me why these “contrails” spread out over the course of a few hours?

  4. Dazed767

    It’s obvious you have a depth perception problem. Those are A LOT higher than 5,000ft. Temperature drops about 3F every 1,000ft. So if it’s 68F/20C, and lets say those planes are around 35,000ft (good average), it’s roughly -35/-40F up there.

  5. Meanie83

    By the way. Contrails are miles in the air. They form due to the cold air temperature. This is only about a mile high and it was about 20 degrees Celcius outside.


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