‘Contrail’ Or ‘Chemtrail’ ?

I was looking through my camera and found this from June 11th 2012. Very odd stuff…

2 thoughts on “‘Contrail’ Or ‘Chemtrail’ ?

  1. skootize

    yeh deffo , that’s on / off spraying it happens? here , real normal for a plane to be switching its engines off mid flight lol , and still the sheeple don’t notice it or are just so conditioned they don’t care . there’s a skoda car advert over here atm, and at the end of is a massive amount of subliminal chemtrails i’ll film it next time its on , the media is loaded with subliminal normalization of this shit

  2. IndustrialSurrealism

    Chemtrails. No? doubt. Sometimes they spray constantly. Sometimes they are spurts of spray.


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