CONtrail vs. CHEMtrail – San Francisco

3-minute, side-by-side comparison of vapor trails from jet aircraft over San Francisco, December 10, 2007.

25 thoughts on “CONtrail vs. CHEMtrail – San Francisco

  1. rocketagency

    Semantics. You spell out the chemicals in your “soda pop.” Then, you say
    the trails are nothing but “soda pop.” Then, you say chemtrails don’t
    exist. Explain that. If all contrails = “soda pop,” and all “soda pop” =
    chemicals, then “soda pop” = chemtrails. Thus, your definition of
    “contrails” must = my definition of “chemtrails.”

  2. corytaylor13

    Thank goodness we’re not alone in thinking these chem trails are complete
    and total bullshit. Do you know how many times I have called to report
    these and have been told by the person on the other end that they have no
    idea what I’m talking about. Or, I’m on the street and I talk to people
    about it and they say they’re just con trails. I say what about the fact
    that they don’t dissapear like con trails and that they’re laying them out
    all day long! People choose to be ignorant

  3. billymybob9611

    Are you kidding me how can you believe this crap. There is no such thing as
    chemtrails only contrails. If you actually new anything about jets or
    aviation in general you’d know that the hot jet engines produce
    condensation called contrails. The reason why some last longer then others
    is the elevation.

  4. Azygous420

    The fuckin “contrail” is from a smaller jet you fuckin moron CHEMTRAILS ARE
    CLOUDS because its the water vapor condencing henc “CON” (condincing) on

  5. Donal Mountain

    I wanted to leave a comment on the above video, but since Youtube has a
    500-character limit, I’m posting it here instead, and hoping for a response
    from the original poster: goo gl / lYoxa

  6. El Boricua

    @ Billymybob9611 you are a troll and a sheep that don’t want to believe. Go
    back to sleep Chemtrails do exist its under the Congress Bill H.R. 2977
    Section 7 article ll. It says CHEMTRAILS…

  7. Swanky Butters

    Thank God, you posted just what I was looking for… See, bothers me that
    people try to pass it off as nothing. People with no science back ground
    telling us what it is… I don’t know what it is and don’t claim to… All
    I know is I don’t ever remember seeing these things growing up… Just what
    we know as Contrails… Well Done.

  8. Dazed767

    Aircraft contrails – the streams of water droplets and ice that form when
    hot exhaust meets cold, moist air – can persist for many hours, spreading
    to an average width of 2 kilometres before dispersing. The ‘longer’ one is
    probably at a higher altitude where the air is calm.

  9. corytaylor13

    Outstanding. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this chem trail stuff. I
    live in Marin and we are getting bathed in the chem trails here! UGH!! I’ve
    called the Air Quality people endless and they just say it’s con trails. I
    don’t know what we can do to make this stop!!!

  10. billymybob9611

    One other thing who the fuck would they be spraying it on. Any government
    official or whoever you think it is has to breathe the same air. Why would
    they want to poison themselves

  11. kakaokaka

    I think it’s rather bullshit than proof.. I mean, I live in Europe and I’ve
    been enjoying looking into the skies for whole my life and I remember
    contrails lasting for hours even some 10years ago.

  12. Kevin nguyen

    looks like and fast like an e.t spaceship to me. its nutting impossible
    about that, its just technology way advanced than us obviously. if u dont
    believe me get a camera take a picture of a clear shy opposite from the sun
    like 50 photos around 5 or 6 pm and i guarantee u that u will find ufo’s
    everywhere 15-20 out of 50. trust me try it then u will know wat im talking
    about if u r open minded

  13. Toilu

    I love watching those planes with binoculars or camera! 😀 I always hope
    that there is no clouds so I can watch them.

  14. Soupdragoon

    Ok sheep! Who is now going to listen to the rest of the story? Or do you
    still want to continue living in the fairy tale land that the Illuminati
    created for you? The clock is ticking people! WAKE UP!!!!

  15. pljenkins522

    Sigh… They should make science a mandatory class in school. But hey, if
    thinking the airlines are out to kill you makes you happy, so be it.. Who
    am I to buzzkill? Silver iodide and barium salt?!

  16. SR1419

    Moreover- if you really knew what you were talking about you would know
    that whatever is in the high altitude sky above you would not fall down
    directly on you… look up: Fall rate and dispersal theory… No
    consequence for error on the internet…shame.

  17. lorri37

    Nice work, my friend. Everyone needs to see this and learn more about
    Chemtrails. Thank you for making this video. I’ll post it on my blog.


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