Contrail vs Chemtrail

Uploaded with permission. Original upload by FTFfilms: Music by Fat Hed.

11 thoughts on “Contrail vs Chemtrail

  1. princetruthchaser

    There eill be a historical anti-chemtrail event in Philadelphia,pa. 6/1/2013, the promo vid is? on my channel feel free to share

  2. FalseFlagAmerica8675

    great upload man..mirroring now..
    getting the? word out..this shit needs to be addressed and stopped
    WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE,,do your own research..
    the proof is in the house bill CHEMTRAILS & HAARP HR 2977 !! SPACE PRESERVATION ACT

  3. ISENTRY .

    I remember since-a couple years back taking videos in front of my brothers, sisters and a friends at different times, and I would tell them watch this hazy-dusty mist come out of the chemtrails, as I recorder these trail sequences over the years, they became more intense, but mainly kept telling them all to look at how these sprays are behaving, they all believe and talk about what they see and how they feel on heavy spraying days! It`s right there for? us to see, almost everyday!
    Great video!!

  4. ConsciousAwakening1

    No questions here. The footage is so clear in this video! These are a constant here now too. No one pays them any mind either. It does make one appreciate the Sun more, when it’s out, if nothing else. Loooove that? song!

  5. TruthSeekerUK

    I have stood and pointed this out to people and still they don’t believe me, and i have what appeared to be a contrail go into a chemtrail cloud and it seemed to stick….but stayed thin if you? know what i mean, nice vid. SHARED.


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