Contrails or Chemtrails? San Diego

More chemtrail / aerosol activity. This time North County San Diego. Feb 07.

25 thoughts on “Contrails or Chemtrails? San Diego

  1. pburress

    I have never been allergic to anything in my life…. yesterday my eyes and nose were burning at the end of the day. I noticed crystal clear skies in the morning both Wed and Thurs and then a constant build up of “clouds” all day long, both days from the east, upwind in santa ana. I went to the UCSD web cams an pasted together a document of the whole day from about 10 different vantage points around San Diego county. Time elapsed video is at ?v=VtCl78btDyQ

  2. jbreezes

    It’s always so heartbreaking to hear the innocent birds and other nature who are being victimized and are trapped outside under it.

  3. billybroadfish

    @polevaultrockstr Yep really. CONtrails. “Con” short for condensation, keyword: condense. Condensed already present moisture. “Produce water vapor” really? So airplanes are capable of manufacturing water now (out of thin air, non humid air of course) (to the extent that you believe they do/don’t)?

  4. polevaultrockstr

    @billybroadfish so a plane can’t possibly hold enough liquid to make these chemtrails, yet is able to produce enough water vapor for clouds? Really?

  5. billybroadfish

    Who wants to bet those jets don’t even have the payload capacity to deliver a trail of any substance in enough quanitity to be visible for that kind of distance.

  6. billybroadfish

    Ahh yes. The old mind control substance dissemination trick. 18 wheelers would be the way to go, what does paper and finances have to do with it? Add some of the old mind-conrtol syrup to the diesel @ the refinery and you don’t even have to spend millions of dollars to spread “chemtrails” in plain sight.

    A jet went north to south then east to west causing a criss-cross of water vapor therefore they must be re-engineering our climate. Give me break.

    Paranoia’ll kill ya.

  7. ogello

    look man, the difference that you obviosuly aint noticing is that your 18 wheeler high truck friends have it put down on paper legitimately what motor they are using, who they work for and the finances involved.
    tell me, do we know the answers to any of these 3 questions when it comes to aeresol geoengineering? Nope.

  8. pilzkillz

    You can? DO something!
    Chemtrails, Mindcontrol and HAARP can be stopped by selfmade ORGONITE!
    Have a look at my videos about Orgonite! BUST the NWO!

  9. ar5281ar

    chemtrails daily in s.e.wisconsin when i can see the blue skies. funny, years ago i had to wait a week to see a “persistant CONtrail”!? now it’s daily! bullcurr the troll!

  10. bullcurr

    So who is going to band together to stop all of those 18 wheelers on the highways that are secretly spraying us with unknown new world order mind control chemicals? (LMAO)

  11. 99percentatheist

    I live close to the border and these chemtrails just keep going passed the border. I have a few vids documenting it.

  12. lukepevensie

    these planes are targeting people who listen to Alex Jones or something like that to put the people back to sleep

  13. jeffman3003

    I live in Carlsbad and trying to do my part to make everyone I encounter aware of this increasing problem. The geoengineering summit is going to be held in San Diego on March 20th, can way say protest?

  14. dsteitz1

    Chemtards are idiots. If you require proof that chemtrails are not real then you would also require proof that there are not 2 ft trolls living 1000 ft. below your house controlling the world. The fact of the matter is that oftentimes contrails do linger and even turn into clouds. Someone lied to a bunch of diptards and told them otherwise. The idiots took the bait!

  15. MidlifeCrises

    Great vid! I live in San Diego and watch them making chemtrails all the time. I like that you brought attention to where they turn the chemtrails “off” and “on”. I notice the trails start to the north and end south of the border. The trail just “stops”, but the plane keeps going.

  16. lukepevensie

    @glamisredy did you get the strange smell yesterday when they were chemtrailing? i was watching them all day starting at poway where i live.

  17. dbootsthediva

    We had heavy chemtrailing in the East of San Joaquin County yesterday
    They did most of their spraying in the wee hours of the morning and some of it carried on until about 9-10 AM
    And a new one
    I was watching a plane in the distance while standing outside the DMV office and after it had flown a good mile or more out of eyesight, then its chemmixture trail emerged about a minute after the plane had after flown that grid


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