Cornwall Chemtrail Spraying

What Do We Do Now? View this next for information on what you are seeing……

12 thoughts on “Cornwall Chemtrail Spraying

  1. baawmchikkawowwow

    @betruthful2012 . Is’nt newquay an international airport? Also, to the best of my knowledge there are at least 3 RAF bases in cornwall. Great vid, keep up the good work.

  2. Dazed767

    100 miles isn’t that far and enough time for them to get high enough to make contrails. and for the record, you have no clue about contrails batfink.

  3. batfink161

    Lol, mate there isnt a major airport even in cornwall nearest is about 100 miles away and for the record CONtails evaporate after a few seconds to around a minute maximum what you can see in this video apear to expand

  4. spaceportseven

    atmospheric devestation, so much for the good air quality in cornwall.
    ineresting note , bright rainbow ball of light seen in manchester on eve of this day

  5. seekYEthetruth

    Seriously messed up skies. Outrageous.

    What do we do now?
    We keep videotaping the crime.
    We specifically concentrate on proof of spraying.
    On/off, short bursts, two jets side by side with only one trail
    (pause@ 3:06 good catch! The jet on the right has almost emptied its tanker)

    And we should call and confront our local area MP’s with the video documented evidence. We must all act now.
    These MP’s (manipulated puppets) are taking the piss.

    Five star vid. Salute.

  6. YourFunny13

    Good Quesstion, Rocket Launchers at dawn! They are getting worse and people are getting more mongged out by the day.


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