Crude Truth Show: FAA call about chemtrails

I think the video explains…

24 thoughts on “Crude Truth Show: FAA call about chemtrails

  1. Lisa Layton

    In Plain (PLANE) Sight , a TV show made in Phoenix, there were a ton of trails!! Pawn Stars in Vegas, TONS of trails, great video— ? awesome!!!!!

  2. XmrspandabooX

    Great video! To the people that don’t belive? this. There is so much evidence proving this is real. Excessive amounts of Heavy metals in our waters, soil, and air. Why do u refuse to belive this? If its not real fine whatever no harm done but think about if it is the effects it would have on you, your children, your grandchildren I think that alone should be enough reason to at least research it. This is definitely a real thing going on not just in the usa but all over the world. STOP IT!

  3. weesoul

    a comment by truthhelix led? me to watch this video. great vid and telephone calls! I hope you get an answer!
    I recently signed a petition to the UK government about chemtrails, but doubt they’ll do anything about it, their plan is to kill off 90% of the world’s population. see the georgia guidestones here on YT. we have those chemicals in out bodies, but they are giving us more than we need! starving us from sun and hiding what’s going on in the skies!

  4. 55mandreck

    The film to watch is “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING ” The shit is aluminium oxide and barium etc. all very harmful to health ,it also pisses with the ph. of the soil and and kills trees and stunts the growth of plants and harms aquatic life.
    also we breathe it in so we are probably? gonna be culled soon to make way for their clones and robotised half human /computer androids who all look like Bush,rumsfeld, blair ,hillary and bill wolferwitz and cheyney et al … god ‘elp uz all Peace x

  5. TheXtraDimensional

    ? What the hell? Your a big douche. and you have a douche speake and type for you obviously because all i hear is gurrgle gurrgle gurrgle.

  6. TheXtraDimensional

    I called the FAA today because i am pissed about? them blotting out the sun from these trails and the dude gave me the status qoo, stating that its weather phenomena making contrails lasting longer. LMAO

  7. xXDboyGamingXx

    Rosalind Peterson is THE most ignorant person I have ever encountered…… Alex? Jones, Cliff Carnicom , Edward Griffin ………. all of these people are making videos and more importantly money by deceiving people ( except Rosalind Peterson , she is just flat out ignorant ) . Yes Nasa has talked about geoengineering……. they have talked and studied a lot of issues . They are not doing it .
    These people take things out of context when they tell you about NASA.

  8. timetostopchemtrails

    I don’t have time to? give everyone evidence. The evidence is all over the internet. Don’t be afraid to look.

  9. lisahenkes

    Look up Rosalind Peterson. Look up Dave Hodges and Operation Red Flag. There’s proof of geoengineering going on all? over the world, and they’re using toxic chemicals and toxic substances. MANY know about it, and just because it’s not talked about on your nightly news doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  10. xXDboyGamingXx

    I’ve also noticed that no one cares to argue facts….. just taking meaningless cheap shots . I’ve offered to prove it to people and no one will take me up on it . I believe the reason for that is that once you realize you are being tricked on chemtrails ……… you would have? to abandon a lot of other things you believe ! because it came from the same sources……….. SO ITS BETTER TO REMAIN IN THE DARK!!!!

  11. xXDboyGamingXx

    Yes I agree….. My own brother , who listens to Alex Jones ( who I can’t stand) confronted me with this and I spent two years…… emailing , watching contrails , explaining weather……. predicting when we would have them, etc. …….. after all of? it , I shut him up but he would never admit I was right and still continues to believe other absurd theories from the same people that told him this chemtrail garbage. People believe what they want to believe … dont care whats true!

  12. xXDboyGamingXx

    I would have to agree with JusMe1369 ! It seems you people are only interested in insults , and have no real interest in finding the truth………… just look? up….. and Der sprayin us…….. Dughhh !!!!!

  13. wolfgange63

    Oh …I just love you guys! You will drink? and eat anything. Perhaps you may be one of them. How will we know? Please send us your credentials on how you determine that can happen. …Please

  14. JusMe1369

    Some morons want to ,make a story out of anything. Everyone knows that bldg 7 was hit by falling debris from the aircraft that impacted the twin towers and damaged.

    Much like your brains… making up all this nonsensical? crap you spew.

  15. JusMe1369


    Unless you’re counting the trails left by the chemicals these people use when they take? their drugs. ha ha ha

  16. JusMe1369

    Bite me MORON.? lol, You can’t provide any real evidence to support your lunatic claims because it’s not real so you try to attack people who know better and take the focus off your lack of any coherent thought. You call me sheeple and you’re the ignorant moron following the lunatic fringe espousing such horse crap nonsense. Try to get a brain to have a REAL THOUGHT for a change. How novel that might be for you? An independent thought of something that isn’t FICTION.


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