Cup of ice fraud! Post Glacial Rebound Nuclear Ice Cores chemtrails Scott Owen BDS CAS

Mr. Owen BDS CAS CFDA Opportunity Number Comp. ID # Date/Time Received Status Status Date Submission Name 15.807 10HQPA0001 10HQPA0001 GRANT10318874 14-May-09 12:34:54 AM Validated 14-May-09 02:55:37 AM expanding ocean and earthquake impacts from post glacial rebound effect. New USGS Study Documents Rapid Disappearance of Antarcticas Ice Shelves Possible Forecast for Continued Antarctica Glacier Loss scattering and absorbing radiation particle A in the chemtrails is nuclear!!! This is your Chemtrail gold mine. Love Scott (BUG) CNN 3 Min. COP 15 Video Climate Summit 3?’s this is a end of the planet as we know it problem. just type in google search CNN Shield of Ra Scientists at the Technische Universität (TU) Dresden have discovered massive post-glacial rebound in the Patagonian ice field at the southern tip of South America. Together with their colleagues from Chile and the USA, the researchers can prove the land is actually moving upward as the glaciers that once weighed it down melt away. Using GPS technology, the Patagonia-based team measured the largest post-glacial rebound anywhere in the world thus far, an exact rate of 39 mm per year. Spanning more than 5000 square miles, the southern Patagonian ice field is the worlds second largest ice mass in the southern hemisphere after Antarctica. Two factors are coming together here

10 thoughts on “Cup of ice fraud! Post Glacial Rebound Nuclear Ice Cores chemtrails Scott Owen BDS CAS

  1. donaldstafford

    Respond to this video…
    its been years on this crap and were still hire hored your dood in the walls and live a modern life why its still here that what i did i got fat to survivw the comming famen. the fat will get scinny the skinny will die. scott buy a xbox 360 and injoy the modern world

  2. Shema64

    I am new to your site . i have just heard your P.G.R.A. & i have had a theory for years now that we have moved massive amounts of materials from one place to another steal & the like, concrete . then we wrapped the planet with copper wire,7 other metal. Kinda like a magnet . are we doing this to ourselves then things like haarp & other gov projects?

    Hey i dig your show man , Keep us informed!

    AZ Stew

  3. sanpedrohustler

    Come Clean Scott…How much time do we really have left ? What are the Effects we are sure to endure ?

  4. Globaltruthnetwork1

    Magnitude 4.7 – OAXACA, MEXICO 2010 November 26 22:13:49 UTC
    Magnitude 4.8 – LARA, VENEZUELA 2010 November 27 01:14:52 UTC
    2010 November 27 05:10:06 UTC
    2010 November 27 02:44:54 UTC

  5. cathy

    Who is spraying us with all these chemtrails Scott? What good is it? Maybe
    Dr. StrangeLove thinks he can fool mother nature, or is it something more sinister? Whatever, I still think people would like the truth rather than all these stupid games and cover up’s.


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