Cure for Chemtrail Poisoning

Suspecting she has barium poisoning from chemtrails, Sonia seeks a remedy and finds out that Epsom Salts are the standard treatment.

25 thoughts on “Cure for Chemtrail Poisoning

  1. faeryjoan

    i love the tin foil hats ! i was only thinking the other day, id have to make myself a tin foil hat : ) jokes aside, chemtrails are real. and ‘what in the world are they spraying? ‘ is a great dvd on chemtrails.

  2. IWantAirClean

    The chemtrails are also full of worms and parasites, a natural remedy for that is Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade only, not the type use for swimming pool filters as it is toxic) it is cheap and also great for you hair and clean out toxins from the body.

  3. blvdbandit

    Is this lady Jewish? Why does her tinfoil hat look like a yamaka? I didn’t know a tinfoil hat could be Hebrew compliant……..Her hippie boyfriend looks like he’s stoned out of his mind and doesn’t know what’s going on.

  4. mulder2400

    Potassium is the naturopathic cure for Barium poisoning, so eat banannas or other high potassium foods. No side effects

  5. kropking

    @KnyphsEdge How did you come to the conclusion that I’m a “snake oil salesman”? What the fuck? Nothing I said was wrong. You’re the ignorant one here. You just don’t realize it, but of course, that’s a characteristic of ignorance. It’s possible that Sonia could very well have gotten sick from something else. You just WANT TO believe it was the barium. I’m well aware that chemtrails are real, but the obsession with them is what caused her to blame them prematurely. She was never even diagnosed!

  6. KnyphsEdge

    @kropking a coward….hmm interesting, id like to know how you came about that ingenious assumption about me. your intelligence doesn’t cancel out your ignorance. i can’t wait for your reply, i know you won’t be able to resist. xoxo

  7. freakoutguitarsolo1

    i eat himalyan salt like 4 times a day. just a little i’m a vegan and that’s all i use for salt, i think it helps too.

  8. kropking

    Why she got it and he didn’t? Perhaps it wasn’t barium poisoning! It stuns me that they don’t ponder that possibility…

    Look, I’m all for investigating things like this, but you’ve got to remember what it means to be humble. Don’t jump to a conclusion just because it sounds good at the time, or because you want it to be true because it benefits your current agenda. Evidence is crucial. Speculation stretched as far as it is here is borderline reckless. Leave all avenues of possibility open.

  9. danmarino1970

    chelation therapy. juicing with cilantro (excellent heavy metal detoxifier). high doses of vitamin c 25 g to 50 g for 4 days when you have these symptoms.

  10. waltermouthoh

    LA smashed w/ CT’s in LA fri 10/9 till 11:30pm!+

    Here’s a fascinating one!

    While watching the following videos with the screen tilted back a bit do this – quick short stop/starts on the Play button. Do you see the “O waves” or “Sky Waves”? The camera catches them. Video is “Does Orgonite Eliminate Chemtrails”

    With Video called “Effects of Orgonite in the Environment:” stop/start from 0:57, 0:58,…… to 1:09 mins. And have the screen tilted kind of dark. See the “O Waves”? soisnessdotorg


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