Curving Chemtrail over Melbourne?

Watch Qantas QF64 and its unique “Con Trail” as it flies over Melbourne,bound for Sydney. See its big curve over the city and the view from the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens,March 13 2012. *** This video has 7 likes,3 dislikes. The displayed like figure is incorrect!

27 thoughts on “Curving Chemtrail over Melbourne?

  1. TheDamo63

    I only believe in what the camera captures.Leaving it to the viewer to draw their own conclusions. It doesn’t lie. But what is? a UFO? Just an object that’s flying,the identity of which we are unsure.You’ve not seen one? Chemtrails? What are they,I don’t know. Draw your own conclusions,I never accuse anyone of anything & and don”t for a second believe a pilot would do anything to harm us. I just film unusual things & ask questions,and welcome everyones opinions,I don’t have the answers,do you?

  2. erniepond1

    Do you believe in UFOs, big foot, fairies,ghosts and whole host? of other imaginary nonsense?
    By the way, the Australian Pilots Association is taking civil actions on people who defame their members over this “chemtrail” nonsense

  3. TheDamo63

    I’m curious to know if you just rubber stamp the official line on anything regardless? of the anomalies. Take 911 for instance,do you believe the official story of what happened to the towers?

  4. TheDamo63

    Why? do you call Peekay a bogan. You dont even know him? Why dont you just shoot down the stuff he says in flames? That would impress me much more,than getting into personal attacks,making threats…etc. I await in great anticipatin for you to do this. Sadly,I feel you will fail to do this. Yet to see it.

  5. TheDamo63

    I remember the days when we never had any of these persistant contrails,dont you? I never call? anyone anything,or accuse anyone of anything. Chemtrail? What’s a chemtrail anyway. Isnt it just a persistant contrail,for whatever reasone. So,the way you speak gives one the impression they are sinister. They could be doing the Earth a very good service,for all I know.I just film,let the camera do the talking and ask questions. If I dont get direct answers,not my fault. I still wait for one.


    PKBOGAN has already done this. My version of his video is
    Cirrus Clouds into CHEMCLOUDS ?? PKBOGAN ! Don’t be so RIDICULOUS !

  7. TheDamo63

    Hi…I sure? did. the QF64 did one of its creepy,start/stop ones. I may put it up in a few days. In the meantime,I will be putting up one of the most shocking you may ever see. It is from the 29th. I wont tell you whats on it,your in for a huge surprise!

  8. 1978sonnyboy

    ita geat to see other people in melbourne notice these whenever i point them out people think im weird and say there clouds if only? they knew

  9. TheBillzilla

    – Having been in the aviation industry? for 25 years I can say with complete accuracy that airline pilots are not in any way ‘terrorists’.

  10. TheDamo63

    it’s interesting you have noticed this too. That is,on special days like Christmas,news years,a royal visit etc…it’s less unlikely any chemtrails will be sprayed. The same as if there’s a major sporting event. The weekend,for instance,with the Grand Prix,the skies were in the natural pristine condition from years ago. They dont want large crowds gathering,looking up and asking questions. Look forward to seeing what you have to? post. Put up whatever you can,we all need to do our bit

  11. SuperClegs

    This was not natural cloud formation my children and partner were home and everyone went outside and looked at the sky for ages, 4 teenagers kept asking what it was.They spread out to form a VERY THICK cloud coverage like a blanket they turned grey occasionally you would get a small clearing and it was actually really hot and sunny which gave the clouds red/orange/pink glow and for the next two days we had A LOT of lighning it felt like? it was going to rain but it took 2 days to really downpour.

  12. SuperClegs

    I live in melbourne’s south east, this was the day after a public holiday long weekend ( I mention this because I noticed a similiar situation after new years) it was hot the skys were clear with normal light clouds I went to get shopping 1030am on my way home around lunchtime the chemtrail shown is this video was huge and unmissable it bent from straight in front of you up over your? head in a vertical curve, there were also others in horizontal lines to the side of it which were spreading out.

  13. TheDamo63

    yes,its odd how you see trails on? hot days,then none on colder day with all other conditions being equal.

  14. 1978sonnyboy

    hin there i saw this? im a truck driver around melbourne and noticed this it wa the 30 dergree day we had there were a few of them that day and also i swa them last friday it was a stormy cloudy day and when the cloudes broke and a bit of blue sky came throught i saw three chemtrils all goin the same way

  15. TheBillzilla

    – I could answer that by telling you about radar vectoring for traffic separation and things called arrival STARS but I feel it would be a wasted effort.
    As always, these contrails are? just a natural phenomenon and not the result of anyone spraying anything into the atmosphere.

  16. iondetox

    Yes I have an there is no problem… but if we change the terms we will alter a different “path,” and fire different synapse and for people who don’t know it will offer a different “way,” to view the topic.. you “feel me.” It’s reverse psyops.. they say “terrorist,” and take our rights.. We say terrorist and say they are spraying poison on us. They may be? drones for all we know.. they have pilot-less planes.. I’ve heard..??? Drones… 9/11 It’s just better than Chemtrails.

  17. TheDamo63

    Thanks,Ion. Have you tried? it yourself? If so,I’m curious to know how it went. Problem is,people dont associate pilots with terrorism. They look up to them,just as they do their quack. Would be because they are placing their lives in their hands. This builds up their trust.

  18. TheDamo63

    Yeh,well it sure raises more questions than answers. The camera doesnt lie,what its telling us,we can? never be certain. It sure makes you scratch your head. If someone could give us logical answers,we’d all shut up,until then we continue to look up and question.

  19. luvyourgarden

    Weired make one think that the particulates are more dense and concentrated, and seeing how they are self replicating once in contact with? water molecules this would mean the dosage is a lot higher than normal, hence all the white shit everywhere, you can see it is heavier because the way its falling, Sydney defiantly Coped a larger dose than normal…

  20. luvyourgarden

    Australian Chemtrails on Facebook add me!!! Thanks for Capturing this evidence brother keep it up, trust that there are people out there that appreciate this… ?

  21. stanley taylor

    we get them over geelong every day. the government and other criminals like them are enforcing a media blackout. The CIA is running this toxification of australia

  22. stanley taylor

    It is sprayed over geelong and australia every night and day. The government are aiding and helping the CIA to damage and destroy us.


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