Daily chemtrail count 5-2-2011

More of the same cold doom and gloom. Last year at this time I had planted vegetables. I know thats early but it was unusually warm mid April and on. Not this time!

5 thoughts on “Daily chemtrail count 5-2-2011

  1. jdocks777

    @jerrymon77 LOL! A lot of useful tags for a video, i’ll add: tornados flooding wind solar disaster mi6 conspiracy government rothschilds rockefellers sheep bilderbergs “Counsel on foriegn relations” tsunami hurricanes “tidal waves” apocalypse 2012 ocean poleshift planet X contrails.. That was fun!

  2. jerrymon77

    chemtrails climate change benazir bhutto osama fake death cia asset obama relection scam false flag 911 israeli mossad weather modification harp new madrid fault line harp rings fema camps geoengineering…thanks for the upload!


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