Uploaded by seekYEthetruth on Jul 3, 2010 “MUSIC BY ROSKO JOHN. RE: The Mail Online article entitled ‘Attack Of The Vapour Trails’ www.dailymail.co.uk . Highest rated comments says a lot about UK awareness: www.dailymail.co.uk What in heavens name is author Oliver Tree on about? Did he not research the subject before he set about the article? Or did he just pocket his fat electronic payment and obey a preordained directive? Counteract the mainstream disinformation campaign Spread this video far and wide Do what you do Do what you can Keep the faith” www.youtube.com Please visit his channel for augmented cloud study. We get the black soot clouds here and the tinted mixed trail fluffy cloud mixes at same altitudes and conditions. Has the planet lost it’s ability to create clouds? did the industrial revolution provide vast amounts of particulate combined with volcanos that is now absent and drying out planet? . . Is CANADIAN MEDIA AFRAID TO FAIL PUSHING BLATANT FANTASY SCRIPTING? LIKE THE FAN SPRAYING PROVINCE NEWSPAPER VID CLIP I PUT UP? With a title “get out the SUNSCREEN”? Posted, created and well thought out examination on chemtrail geoengineering examples in UK. Extra study on cloud augmentation aspect of these jet trails in the sky we all can see.


  1. douchecents

    @STEVEDIGIBOYtv agreed, it appears that the sun is stronger than ever. I seem to get burned after only a half hour in the sun. It’s strange because i used to never burn.

  2. anthonyp43

    @STEVEDIGIBOYtv stevie wait till ya see the vid im gonna post in a minute.Im subbingyou so ya get the vid.Listen ya wont believe what i think they dont want us to see.Iv taken apic of the sun,and there appears to be a huge sqauare ship or something.Wait a couple of hours and this gonna knock yer socks off,lol.

  3. almomena

    asthma sufferers are on the rise, any one who is not effected by hay fever will be at a point of his/her life, cancer sufferers increase is dramatic, especially skin cancer, a wile back an american scientist exposed the fact that there are nano fibres within those so called vapours, however the issue was put to death and the video ,well I cant find it I don’t know if it still circles the net or not. nano fibres can effect the skin cause allergies and can be inhaled causing respiration problems.

  4. leaualorin

    on second thought, even in the bible it says that GOD will purify the earth WITH FIRE , so it might as well be the sun ;
    these aluminium oxide , barium and strontium nano-powders are sprayed by the so called “fallen angels”(and please don’t tell me there aren’t such things because you will make a fool of yourself) because they want to protect themselves against this “purifications” that is inevitable!
    I don’t mind beeing killed as long as it kills and the evil on this planet!


    I have felt the sun singe more and more each year and I too think that maybe the 23rd full burn minimum is still cooking. Black “spot” are cool in comparison and the sun does look whiter each year. Big shit to do this scale of stuff imo, desperate measures?

  6. leaualorin

    as long as we just “chat” on these videos and not DO ANYTHING than we deserve chemtrails and be sprayed as fucking bugs!
    nothing wrong in this considering THE UTTER IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY OF THIS HUMANITY!
    Don’t forget that 90% of the people that hear about chemtrails ACTUALLY DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THEM!
    Good day folks and have a good one!

  7. anthonyp43

    Iv just woke up to a beautiful sunny morning 24th june 2011,and within one hour i could see the chemms turnin it once again into a horrible mess again.But when the sun was out at 9.30 am,it burnt ya.

  8. tankerenemy

    @STEVEDIGIBOYtv Niko has disappeared, but you can find (in comments area) Emanuele Ciriaci… other famous italian hoaxer.


    Graci, I fixed link, strange the other did that with description still saying vapors eh?

  10. GVB1939A

    The Papers wouldn`t know the truth, If it Bit him on the Bum. Stupid Bastards. They Are Vapour trails Dummy

  11. dips018

    They know the truth. But have sell the lies the public as more and more people are now asking the questions. What makes them look even more stupid is that they have admitted spraying these chemtrail to cover the SUN cos they actually think it will cool the earth down. What load bullshit. That want us all dead. The chemicals in the trail are not good for you at all or good for the farmers soils. It they can’t grow crops we got no choice but to buy from the big companies who inject their food.

  12. Fromplefeet

    Thank you so much for calling him on his bullshit! Maybe they should do their homework before they go and write, “articles”, when they obviously know nothing about weather modification, Geo-Engineering,HAARP,barium,aluminum,strontium. Do they ever use GOOGLE? what is wrong with people? Peace!


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