“They” are poisoning the air we breathe. Watch the skies. Documented visual evidence. The Poisonous Toxic Cocktail http


  1. Dagaan Mitraska

    We’ve got to stop commenting and act. There is a disbelief phenomena. The place to begin to dissolve it is to promote ‘The Day After Roswell” by Colonel P. Corso and ‘UFOs and the National Security State’ very well ducumented information. The Shadow? Government has lost control of the abducting Greys. Are chemtrails sprayed to prevent ET’s from doing abductions? Or even to poison our bodies so that we aren’t good genetically or for food??? Starfire Rangers.

  2. Brenden8445

    Mother earth can smoke too,not just us..lololol..or MOTHER EARTH IS FARTING? GAS..AND THE SUN IS GUNNA BLOW FIRE :(..Ahhhhhhhhh

  3. Chihuahuapaws

    Yes, I have to agree that you are all BS. Your penis remark proves that you know nothing about? research. One click would have taken you to my channel and you’d have found out I’m a woman. If you can’t manage a simple thing like that, then you’re hopeless when it comes to ferreting facts about the deliberate destruction of our air quality.

  4. KrazedKitten

    People shouldn’t expect more than they’re willing to give. So I’ll tell you what, you tell me your first and last name, state where you live, company you work for, and your phone number. The agent is supposed to get back to me with the results of the soil and plant tests he did. I’m? guessing that won’t be until week after next due to Thanksgiving. But when he does, I’ll pass along your info so he can call you.

  5. no10standard

    “There are plenty of sources for what’s in chemtrails…do your own research. ?..”

    I am doing research. I’m asking you for the name of the guy that works for the gov and claims to have first hand knowledge of the “chemtrail” issue.

    What better way to do research, find someone that claims to have evidence, and has credentials to back that up. or I could watch an internet? video made by some tinfoil hat mental case such as yourself.

  6. no10standard

    “Why do you have to ask someone the source of something that is all over the Internet?..”

    So it’s “all over the internet” ???? Along with penis enlargers, miracle gasoline additives, special magnet bracelets, ? and perpetual motion machines. All of which you use, I assume.

    Is the name of KrazedKitten’s informant “all over the internet”? No. That’s what happens when someone claims they have actual evidence. Turns out to be non existent.

    This is ALL BULLSHIT.

  7. Chihuahuapaws

    Why do you have to ask someone the source? of something that is all over the Internet? Start out by going to, “The Chemtrail Hall of Shame”. Research for yourself. It’s good brain exercise.

  8. KrazedKitten

    First of all, you’re right, I don’t have balls, I’m female. Next, the guy isn’t part of the program but he knows of it. He works for the Department of Environmental Quality, as I stated before. He was actually out investigating toxins in the soil and on plants that is resulting in death of the trees.

    If you think I? could fight the government and keep them from doing what they’re doing, you’re not grasping the whole concept of what’s going on.

  9. no10standard

    “Hahahah you wonder about me? Why are you so concerned if you don’t even believe chemtrails exist? LOL?..”

    But if I did believ chemtrails existed, and? I knew someone that has the “inside scoop”, I would get him out there… all we need is someone with proof to hold a press conference. Right?

  10. no10standard

    “Get real! I can’t fight the government with? any chance of winning. The government is doing all kinds of things. ..”

    Oh yes you can. You know a person on the inside, that seems to be willing to talk, but refuse to give up his name. You are just as responsible as the people doing it. You have no balls.

  11. no10standard

    oh, my mistake. Where did I ask for all the names of loons that think they know about “chemtrails”. This gov guy you know but won’t tell, is a real catch then. All the more important that you? get his name out so we can put a stop to this stuff. Right?

  12. KrazedKitten

    I? don’t know why they are spraying this stuff. They aren’t saying, now are they? Common components in chemtrails are aluminum and barium. That’s not healthy. btw if you want to argue like an adult, fine. If you want to resort to silliness, I don’t have the time.

  13. no10standard

    so if you don’t know why they are doing it, how do you know what’s in it? Maybe it’s not so bad? for you? Or maybe it only affects retarded people? I can see your concern.

  14. no10standard

    So you are saying that there are many names of people in the gov that know about? this stuff and are willing to talk about it freely?

    I thought it was some kind of secret program. That’s the way it’s been played up. LOL

  15. KrazedKitten

    Get real! I can’t fight? the government with any chance of winning. The government is doing all kinds of things. How many of our troops died in Iraq because that nutjob george bush ordered an unnecessary attack? There’s not a damn thing I could do about that either. I can’t even stop the dog pound from putting down dogs and cats. I can’t get my state government to spend my tax dollars on what they’re supposed to. You’re living in a fantasy land.

  16. no10standard

    “I wouldn’t tell you the name of my auto mechanic or Realtor either…”

    But your auto mechanic and Realtor aren’t? involved in an international conspiracy to poison the planet and kill millions of people.

    I bet if you thought they were you would give up their names in a heartbeat… or would you?

    I seriously wonder about you.

  17. KrazedKitten

    And another thing, if I tried to? give you the names of everybody that knows the government is spraying us with unhealthy stuff it would be enough names to fill your hard drive. A lot of people know the government is spraying us.

  18. no10standard

    So if you knew someone that was plotting to kill you and? your family (and the rest of the country) you would protect his identity? Right? LMAO

    You don’t really think he knew anything or you would be compelled to act. It would be your duty. As it is, you are covering up for the very cause that you seem so concerned about.

    You guys are so determined to get to the bottom of all this and here you are with the name of a guy on the “inside” and you won’t do a damned thing.


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