Death Of The Chemtrails

I knew that this would happen and that is why I am showing the world that Orgonite and Slyphs defeat their Chemtrail Agenda. The Powers That Be Don’t want You To know How to Create Orgonite for Yourself and Your family.

25 thoughts on “Death Of The Chemtrails

  1. ancientwisdom2012

    i use & make orgonite and i like your channel but i have to disagree about sylphs, (even though it is what don croft talks about). what you are seeing is not a sylph, actually it is the chemclouds in the process of breaking apart… in other words it is the last remnants of the toxic cloud as it is falling out and being transmuted rather than a separate phenomenon manifest as a protection- though it is a good sign the orgone is working. however what you are doing is great. keep it up my friend.

  2. ancientwisdom2012

    @jambuckerwarblast its really almost irrelevant which it is. they all work together and have been for a long time. the bottom line is we are slowly waking up.

  3. OrgoneIsTheKey

    @weleplaya sure my friend…I have posted some links at my main channel in the about me section, I recommend to start there…

  4. OrgoneIsTheKey

    @UrantiaSuper7 Pure Himalayan Sea Salt…(the pink salt from Pakistan, Google “american bluegreen” and you will find my source) It has 84 essential minerals and nutrients that the human body needs including iodide, sodium, potassium and IRON…that is how I get my nutrients and metals. It will also serve as a detox for the heavy metals in your body…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  5. UrantiaSuper7

    hey, thanks for the info. especially about the cereal. so what do we eat? I did it on ritz crackers and pop tarts as well. SAME RESULTS. I had a vision one time when I was washing grapes. the chemtrails pour down onto our food, there is nothing we can do…a slow build up of toxic metals in our bodies. will something be activated in the future that activates the metal in our bodies…? thanks, so what do we eat?

  6. Leongabbidon

    you are a fully sick guy!!

    I’m in the UK and seeing all this bro! BIG UP YOURSELF. I need to get me some organites or make one but keep up the good work! its been a while since i seen the blue sky, I envy you.

    i know what you talking about with the sight, and seeing the film between the dimesions as well. can fully relate :)

  7. jambuckerwarblast

    good vid but tell me how do you know its the military doing this spraying. my reserch tells me that they are not military but alien et’s using holograms etc. when filming the chems i always find black orb ufo’s following them. i think we are being invaded by the aliens. just look at reptilian reporters and the thousands of vid clips showing ufo’s etc Humans will not win this war.

  8. MagneticSeer

    you are starting to decode another frequency range, i can tell you a lot everything you need to know on this subject, i am a seer, i dont know the levels or w/e there is on books, because the ability was given to me, your brain is start
    ng to decode bigger frequency range, you will soon will be able to see many hidden truths, if you have any question about any experience i will be happy to assist a good man.

  9. spiritprofessor

    Brother you are right on about seeing ahead, I’ve been doing this for some time now and now I’m seeing our human potential. I create Orgonite too and throw my pieces into the local rivers and cell phone towers and gift all kinds of people because I know the power and potential of Orgonite, especially my own I create for humanity. Be safe and well my Orgonite brother.

  10. casecar

    You got me.. I just LOVE your saying.. OrgoneIsTheKey……
    So TRUE!!!!!
    THX, Take Care of you and yours and in the meantime, don’t hide
    you, your wife or your kids.. AS THEY ARE YOUR “TRUE” ALLIES
    timezone exempt, waiting for my Orgone to cure.
    You are special, don’t let anyone tell you different…
    Feel like I know you…
    Be strong you…

  11. casecar

    now we stand “together”… listen..
    Thx, not only for the reply, more so for the interaction…
    My apologies for “calling you out”, but as I tend to my own Orgone…
    ya just never know who’s on “YOUR/MY” side… hear me?
    You chose to “delete” my comment on “your” last post..
    Can only say at this point, still waiting for a reply to my last comment regarding your last video,, you didn’t post anything for a year, then you come up with your last video… seclusion is now the “key” WTF

  12. OrgoneIsTheKey

    @casecar thanks for the message…and Orgone should be for You, Your Family and Your Environment…Good Luck…

    Orgone Is The Key

  13. casecar

    and here I was…
    via/via gett’in my pail full of “shavings”,
    at my local “machine shop”
    to build my own chembuster…

    too bad we won’t realize the outcome of what “Could” have been.
    Take Care of you and yours

  14. casecar

    @OrgoneIsTheKey come on, you know as well as I do those ‘copters only “detect” one thing only… positive energy.
    Thats why they show up …
    now, imagine you’re one of them, and on your radar you see “positive” energy…
    I would show up too, helicopter and all!!!
    “Batteries Not Included”…
    not sure ’bout you…, Shrill?/Troll?

  15. OrgoneIsTheKey

    @HuntingYahwae Great News again guys…I have some excellent links that will allow you to either make your own or purchase some from my source, which can be found on my home channel in the posted links at the bottom left corner…check them out…and good luck!


  16. OrgoneIsTheKey

    @TopAce777 Great…I have some excellent links that will allow you to do just that on my home channel…check them out…


  17. HuntingYahwae

    I must add that in order to combat some of the ill-effects ill-thinking incursion of this government on our souls, It’s people like him who make a difference in society….makes me think a little! If we only had more! Bravo as I am just waking up myself! I posted this vid to facebook if you don’t mind! Also would like to know some more info like where to get this orgone and what to do!


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