Debunk This! 202 (ChemTrails)

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25 thoughts on “Debunk This! 202 (ChemTrails)

  1. ljrow49

    @urantivirus I’ve been watching CDC videos for a long time. You can not debunk them. Just try. Oh, and your elementary math doesn’t mean Jack.

    Rock on CDC.

  2. ChangeDaChannel

    @0TheBrotherhood The masses exclaim that certain things dont exist and that anyone who speaks about it is a nut job. My focus is providing evidence that these things do exist. Its just a starting point. When you can get it to load, watch the conclusion. This show is just the basics. We have to crawl before we walk.

  3. 0TheBrotherhood

    you proved that they can exsist via military aircraft but not how they appear on such large scales. i can go out side now and probally see 2or3, where did they come from? you saying that commercial jets are spraying the shit? how? … see your vid ended early!

  4. daviddalbylive

    Debunkers are folks who have never made a Billion selling shit to good people and are now scared to lose the Billion. Go figure De-Knuckleheads.

  5. jjaj6

    @yankeepedaler bluebeams gonna be a huge false flag. Watch how many ppl will fall for it to when they do it


    There are pictures, they in the backs of jet planes turnin levers on what looks like a bunch of beer kegs.

  7. Shawouin

    Did someone got their hand on some kind of instruments or machine use on plane to spray chemtrails? If chemtrails are this frequent, some mechanic would have easily got is hand on this kind of machine use to spray chemtrails. Does someone have any info on that, someone must have at least a picture of this if it is this widely sprayed around westerners.

  8. RebelResistance2011

    @ChangeDaChannel Lol i know it tickles me to death. It amazes me these blind people haven’t figured it out yet. Why on earth would these pilots chemtrail for a reason… two reasons, depopulation and covering of nibiru. but these people that are chem trailing are making it too obvious tho, for starters is like trying to wrap a football in b’day paper and giving it to a child and asking them to guess what it is! stupid really. And the gov think were D.U.M.B.S lol!

  9. ChangeDaChannel

    @RebelResistance2011 Thanks:) These deniers have nothing to actually say about the video…like debunking it. This is the best they can come up with..lolo

  10. RebelResistance2011

    @urantivirus OMG, you take ONE look at how many subs he has let alone views and you think that they think he’s a nut job??… how in the wack job did you work THAT one out??? LMAO!

    To changedachannel – i support your veiws. love your vids.

  11. wispa1a

    atleast he shows evidence not like AJ, who just says “I have the documents”

  12. ChangeDaChannel

    @flynnspirational Ive got the whole track on watch?v=4QUjVj0FN9M
    Definitely use if ya want:)

  13. Nixic951

    w e a t h e r m 0d ifi cation d0t c0m
    Solid evidence from the company performing the weather modification

  14. emmarolls

    Wake Up its in your face, in your eyes , in your SKIES, this is truth denial is LIES.
    Chemtrails, Chemicals Killing you can’t you see in your skies, no contrail disguise, that is lies we despise, UN lies filthy spies mesmerize zombie guys like you who cannot see behind the lies, never tries & no ally-byes just brainwashed eyes can’t see the bleeding obvious.

  15. pyrotek40

    @soweyesee you are right, Also remember the U.S. government in the 1950’s put a flu virus in a lightbulb, took? the lightbulb to the New York subway system placed it on a subway car where it would get stepped on broke and release the virus into the air and infect the public at large. The CIA then sat back and watched the flu outbreak to study how viruses could be spread by “The Enemy” when really “The Enemy” is our own Government!!! Deo Vindice

  16. pyrotek40

    contrails DISSIPATE chemtrails cause cloudy days…wake up people those clouds are not put there by God just the U.S. Government!


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