Debunking Chemtrail Hoax

Debunking chemtrail comedy gold: This obvious hoax gets taken to the loo & gives it the treatment it deserves by a professional pilot. Check my channel for more fun debunking chemtrails and other ramblings.

25 thoughts on “Debunking Chemtrail Hoax

  1. 504pro

    @chaabimaroc “the age of deception is over” – LOL some one watches too much Alex Jones. At least come up with original phrases and not copy other crazy fear mongers.

    Alex Jones and anyone who sells this shit to you morons who believe it, are making a killing from advertisements and such for their tv and radio shows. You people are an audience and you fall for it like the foolish people you are…..

  2. heafers84

    @stars15k believe us, the gov. doesn’t need to pay people to make you look stupid. You do it all on your own.

  3. ninemen123

    I’ve never believed any conspiracy theory but for once I can’t deny that there are a lot of these things in the sky nowadays, I don’t know what it is, but there is a little truth in every lie.

  4. HeavyVocals

    People are so retarded these days…such as the person below me. I’m glad there are people making videos like this so it will get people to maybe shut up about how chemtrails are nothing more than a contrail. People listen to yourselves, calling this guy a spy and shit, god damn get a grip on your life.

  5. ScrewAttackChina

    browncoat, you’re not fooling us. you’re obviously a disinformation spy hired by the CIA to try and fool us that chemtrails are not real. however you have underestimated the fact that we are organised and with the power of the internet, we can find out the truth. so you’re silly little disinformation video doesn’t work. ask yourself. how much is enough? how much did they pay you to turn on your fellow man?

  6. chavspotter

    @willywill1984 So you’re incapable of completing a simple equation to find out the true barium level. Your understanding of science reminds me of the Catholic church in medieval times when scientists were executed for daring to say that the Earth revolved around the Sun. In fact conspiracy theories are just like religions, any evidence which doesn’t match the delusion must be hidden at all costs, otherwise people will realise they are? being lied to, pathetic and very sad really.

  7. willywill1984

    @chavspotter of course I did, because you haven’t proved anything with your fake website that anytime you click on the supposed links it goes back to the top of the page. LOL I am so glad people are seeing through the lies of mainstream media and providing the truth about chemtrails. Good job truthers.

  8. chavspotter

    @willywill1984 I see that on your video you have deleted my comments on how to convert ug/L to ppm, I can only assume that you didn’t want people to discover that your claims were bullshit. Also you have done the usual ”twoofer” trick of blocking me because the one thing that ”twoofers” can not handle is the truth.

  9. willywill1984

    glad the U.N recently called for the end of Chemtrailing (Geo-Engineering). Wow, this video is surely sad.

  10. moondog50002000

    @hahahahahahahaha9087 chem trails ARE for weather modification…they claim to be cooling the planet. It’s admitted now.The 00’s are over .on feb 20 2010 council of foriegn affairs

  11. moondog50002000

    some videos are bs yes but you can get the licinse to spray license office texas department weather modification

  12. hahahahahahahaha9087

    @shillstorming He isn’t denying weather modification exists. Weather modification exists, just look up cloud seeding. But chemtrails are bullshit and there isn’t any proof of them.

  13. hahahahahahahaha9087

    LOL so somebody did this as a prank and then the chemtrail conspiracy theorists thought it was real ROFLMAO.

  14. ChrisArcen

    @chaabimaroc You do not understand the simple fact that when the air is humid enough, the extra water vapor and the particles leftover from the normal combustion process in the jets exhaust will form a cloud. If water vapor cannot last in the atmosphere the please explain to me what clouds are made of!

  15. martiansurgery

    The most insidious part of this whole phenomenon whether youll find a way to rationize it out of fear or not – is the fact that Monsanto is already bioengineering aluminum resistant seeds – coincidence? Or some beneficial inside information? This ‘thing’ is bigger than some pilots ego – believe it

  16. shillstorming

    So youre gonna sit here with this stupid video and deny that weather modification exists? your shallowness and superficiality shines thru in this failed attempt of a video

  17. alcohalvsmarijuana

    I like the part where you make the over exaggerated assumption on the number of people it takes to conspire events. Where did you get that info? and is weather modification still a hoax?


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