Dick Gregory at State of Black Union Pt4

Leaders in education, public policy, religion, and black communities discussed the status of African-American in The State of the Black Union 2008: Reclaiming Our Democracy, Deciding Our Future” which took place in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Conference Auditorium in New Orleans. In this clip, Dick Gregory talks about lead, manganese, and police brutality.

26 thoughts on “Dick Gregory at State of Black Union Pt4

  1. debvalentine

    He has the right to his point of view-and if you listen, really listen, he is bringing to light examples of the point he is making. This is not divisive, it explains a point of? view–an experience! Look at his age–this is why we say, respect your elders, they have a point of view that current attitudes have brushed over!

  2. tropigalone

    Talk about a racist … If this was a white man talking about black people it would? be a different story. How and why does he get away with it? People are people, black or white. We ALL need to get over ourselves and start getting along.

  3. antdobb313

    Its apparent that he told the sponsors how he felt backstage. you have to watch the full State? of the Black Union. At least Dick Gregory’s full speech.

  4. janiceaherne

    Why are there MacDonalds logos in the backround?? That put me right off! Is this show sponsored by them?? Its hard to tell who´s telling the? truth!

    1. ultranothing

      Oh, wow! More race-specific comments from biblefarce! What a surprise! Are you starting to get the idea of where I’m coming from, now? That you’re hyper-focused on others’ racial backgrounds and yet call other people racists? This is the 9th website I’ve found you on, talking about race. Race, race, race…

  5. GoddessIsIs999

    SO called leaders both genders? who do not 24/7 advocate for our enslaved ancestors Restitution, Reparations, Repatriation, they have made a pact with the devil mind-set, still enslaved/subservient, and we applaud such so called leaders, both genders, and doing so, we are still enslaved/subservient. This is definitely no Hon. Marcus Spirit we hear. What type of Spirit that does not lead and guide the people out of the hells they are in?

  6. GoddessIsIs999

    We must be extremely careful of charlatans, mountebanks…so called elders/leaders among us who operates with the same spirit that so called leaders in the church does, self aggrandizement/vain glory. True serious Revolutionaries does not advertise them? selves like this. True Divine Liberators of people does not need this type of media. What you seen here is another form of Church/Religions without the use of the Jesus name. Mr. Gregory. What are the Divine Solutions to our people problems?

  7. GoddessIsIs999

    Is this a comedy show? Why do so many people pay money to be hook winked, bamboozled, lied too? Psychologist has proven many people aren’t in search of Real Truth, the real Truth/Reality which is (Intuitively). Many of our so called Elders are largely responsible for the lack of progress among our? people. After all this Show, where are our people still today. What Dick Gregory knows we can all know when we exercise common sense.

  8. GoddessIsIs999

    No so called leader among our people is exempted from being questioned. Black people looking mean, Dick Gregory said. Hell, are we suppose to look like we have joy in a system that is Unnatural and keeps kicking our people minds and behinds.? If there aren’t any Divine righteous angry Black People angry for all that has happened to us and still happening to us, if we do not have divine righteous anger, we are insane.

  9. GoddessIsIs999

    Dick Gregory said: If they had a brother like Dick Gregory yall will be in trouble.—-How has Dick Gregory assisted our people in our Divine Solutions,? salvation, liberation and freedom, meaning does he ever advocate for our enslaved ancestors Restitution, Reparation, Repatriation away from a system he complains about? We are in trouble because of so called brothers like him, Elitist Black. Once a comedian always a comedian.

  10. Taught77

    Barack Obama…..the biggest, most expensive, most elaborate and most Heinous prank the white man played on? black people in all HISTORY!!!!

  11. kmcl11

    “it shouldnt be? about black or white unity..it should be about human unity..humanity”

    Yup that part I agree? with but once again my issue was with Dicks comment.

  12. ThanatonInfoSlump

    We are all animals with the potential of becoming more..mistreat any animal and it will either break or bite..the “white” people he is truly making reference to, label ALL people, not of their bloodlines, as “slaves”..we are all being poisoned and manipulated..even slave owners were slaves..to masters much worse than they..it shouldnt? be about black or white unity..it should be about human unity..humanity..dont get your information from tv..join the fight against the true enemy..PEACE

  13. greedygretch

    Why does anyone commit heinous crimes? killing is? wrong, rape is wrong, Does not matter who does it..it’s just wrong…And in every nationality you have someone who does bad and good. Crime is race free. (black males are animals is what you said) ANYONE who commits a crime like rape, murder, murder of children, abuse, abuse and killing of children they are like animals.White, Black, Green, Purple, Asian.

  14. kmcl11

    Then why comment to me? My? comment was abotu dick using excuses as to why black males commit so much crime.That is all.

  15. greedygretch

    I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with what this man is saying…I’m saying that “bad” is “bad” and does not have a color. Think of women who killed their children…black or white…bad is bad. You have bad and good in every race, creed, color. No war to fight,? no battle to win. I’m from Europe, I see things differently my friend…..

  16. kmcl11

    Those a are handful of whites…while the many black men we see on TV for rape? murder and drug activity is not a small sample of them. You will not win.

  17. greedygretch

    Really?? Really? Sooooo.. if black males are animals? what does that make Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, or Richard Speck?

  18. startwiththeballs

    mmm a very racist old man. l only use the word racist when l talk about the many forms of racism against anyone who isnt black,? other than that the word doesnt exist


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