Did Chemtrails and HAARP Cause TS DEBBY’s Record Rainfall and Floods?

ARTICLE: tinyurl.com – CHEMTRAIL PROOF: tinyurl.com : — In 2010 an Aerospace Engineers presented conclusive evidence for Covert Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, (aka “Chemtrails”) in a 336 page report called “CASE ORANGE”. The report was commissioned by THE BELFORT GROUP (UK), who held a “CHEMTRAILS SYMPOSIUM” where the conclusions were presented by Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Coen Vermeeren. The Video is on YOUTUBE — ALSO: The term “chemtrails” is in the text of 2001 legislation, (HR-2977) where “chemtrails” are defined as an “exotic weapon.

25 thoughts on “Did Chemtrails and HAARP Cause TS DEBBY’s Record Rainfall and Floods?

  1. exposethebunk

    There exists zero paperwork proving chemtrails exist.

    There are many scientific papers which clearly explain contrail formation and the conditions necessary to allow a contrail to persist and spread.

    Back to the drawing board lowfun.

    Would your time not be better spent educating yourself a little? on atmospheric science and contrail formation?

  2. exposethebunk

    I just explained one type of low altitude? “spraying”.

    Nothing more than a fuel dump, as witnessed and documented on many occasions.

    What other “low” altitude “spraying” are you having difficulty understanding?
    There are a few that have been wrongly described by uneducated chemtrail believers, where would you like to begin?

  3. exposethebunk

    (Technically they fall very very slowly because of their incredibly high surface area to mass ratio, and hence large resistance? to air).

  4. exposethebunk

    Re- “ice crystals/rewrite science ignorance” etc. EDUCATION low fun:

    The ice crystals are very very small, like a very fine dust. So they are suspended in the air like dust is. In fact, more like smoke is (smoke is comprised of very small particles, which are heavier than air).

    As the ice crystals grow, they will slowly fall, an that’s what makes a contrail spread out. the larger crystals fall faster than the smaller crystals,? and differing wind speeds spread it across the sky.

  5. exposethebunk

    Thanks – my channel removes the bunk to get at the real explanations.

    You are a perfect example.

    You have zero knowledge of contrail formation yet you are happy to display your ignorance and disinformation for all to see.

    Instead of finding out the cause of the “black lines” you offer a tax related comment?

    Nice work Sherlock.?

  6. Lowfun

    I also like people to go to your channel and understand that everything is normal in your world and nothing is out of place.
    Get up go to work and pay your taxes.
    That’s where you belong.
    Your good for a chuckle so I thankyou.
    That chuckle is underlined by a deep sorrow for your thought? process.
    Good luck to you.

  7. Lowfun

    There’s no debating with you. I’m sorry you have to live in the world you do.
    Best of luck to you.
    You will never be able to explain the low altitude spraying and formation of clouds.
    Look up once in while.
    I beleive you? are just being silly.

  8. exposethebunk

    Firstly it is apparent that you know very little about the science of contrail formation, correct?

    You are stating that cirrus clouds fall straight down to Earth, correct?

    At least you accept that “chemtrails” are nothing more than condensation? (ice).

    Planes “spraying” along the path of “black lines” ? Please do some rudimentary research – contrailscience[dot]com/contrails-dark-lines-chemtrails/

  9. Lowfun

    Low altitude or high altitude ice crystals are heavier then air therefore fall and melt.
    Are you suggesting otherwise?
    I would also like to hear your thoughts on the? black lines appearing in the sky and planes spraying along those black lines.
    If ice crystals are not heavier then air we simply need to re-write all the science books as we know nothing about science, right?

  10. exposethebunk

    3) When a plane flies through this inversion layer, the trail can be “broken”.
    The boundaries between these layers is not flat, and gravity waves or rising convection currents of air can create large volume of air that differ in temperature and/or humidity from the neighboring air, and so? can break (or make) the contrail when then plane flies through them.
    4) Do a Google search for “broken contrail” and you’ll find lots of examples, and similar explanations.

  11. exposethebunk

    1) Your observations are correct – some trails persist others do not. There are very well known documented explanations for this. visit: contrailscience[dot]com
    2) The most likely explanation is that the planes are at different altitudes – the next likely is different engines.
    3) Start/stop trails are very simple to understand: Humidity relative to altitude or something called “inversion” where? a warm layer of air lays on a cool layer (continued)

  12. Caxton Man

    The reason for my comments is that I have seen contrails at the same time as I have seen chemtrails in the sky and the contrails disperse after a few minutes whereas the chemtrails ‘hang’ and gradually expand over the period of an hour+ which eventually ‘white-out’ the sky.I have observed the chemtrails start and stop for a few miles instead of con-trails which persist from the aircraft on its complete journey across? the skyline behind it, then eventually break-up due to the high altitude winds.

  13. exposethebunk

    You see “chem”-trails ?
    What makes your “chemtrail” look different to any ordinary persistent contrail?
    Just trying to understand so I can “wake up”…?

  14. Caxton Man

    I live in Devon, UK and see chemtrails on a regular basis (I have photographed them? too), so is it any wonder that we have had the wettest summer here since records began. It appears that they have also shifted the gulf stream to facilitate the wetter atmospherics. Wake up people.

  15. exposethebunk

    Present one “fact” which? proves that a persistent contrail is (in fact) a ‘chemtrail’…

    You can not.

  16. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Mine is an ongoing Investigation with even? better videos yet to be posted. All of the information regarding chemtrails & aerosol crimes posted has been thoroughly researched, cross referenced and proven to be FACTUAL!

  17. SuperDeltaBravo1

    I have subbed you.? Feel free to view and use the documenting of thumbprint clouds and evidence of ELF modulation – aka HAARP etc. Thank you for all you do.

  18. Harold Saive

    Evergreen’s website brags that they now have a FLEET of B-747’s that have likely been modified with their patented aerosol dump system. The increased frequency of “dumps” as opposed to “chemtrails” is consistent with likely deployment of the newly fitted Evergreen tankers. Keep in mind that many sub-contractors are involved and evergreen’s patented? dump system can be installed in many different aircraft models….not just the B-747.

  19. Harold Saive

    Do to the extreme secrecy of this crime, we don’t know which EM forces are being applied – nor do we know how many. We occasionally see 2 to 3 different thumbrints on one region of aerosols. An Ionospheric heater at the HAARP? facility is a convenient suspect but there are many such facilities that could be participating in weather modification. Some of them operate portably around the oceans.

  20. TheXFactorisShite

    The skies look exactly the same in Portsmouth UK . haarp being used in conjunction with chemtrails , This happened sunday evening ,since then.we have had 3 days of? cloud and rain.

  21. HybridSpeciesVIDS

    GREAT VID & INFO! Great channel,keep up the good work,the chemdumps make sense to me,I heard there were different methods of chemical delivery,and this explains it,thanks,sharing your vid on a few? chemtrail groups. D.C.S.

  22. JoannaMaGrath

    Looking at the Weather Underground I Saw 2 Huge Circle Covering Florida Like the Ones Dutchsince Speaks of On? His Channel. Much Love

  23. marketsdata

    No need for a question mark after HAARP why the uncertainty anymore? Unless he is making reference to that actual? facility. Or possibly could be from another facility of which there are a few.


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