Don Croft Chemtrails disappear-Orgone & Cloud Angels this video sourced from above link not to take anything away from them but to introduce my viewers to this theme.Thanks CTBusters check out the full video their that i may put up soon Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies! The Do-It-Yourself Kit for Sky Repair James DeMeo got his Masters by evaluating the Cloud Buster. Although he does not believe in Chemtrails or the use of Aluminium in orgone accumulators he has done very good research and great results with rain making in Africa in his Book Heretics notebook with statistical analysis of probability of the rain due to chance (p value = 0.0014 or) 1.4 in 1000 (from memory) which was strongonfirmation that the cloud buster works (98.6% confirmation but not 100% to be technically correct). This cloud buster is not the same as the chembuster. The chembuster uses orgonite at the base of the pipes as opposed to running water. I also highly recommend reading the book by James Demeo The Orgone Accumulator Handbook. This technology needs to be treated with responsibility for what it can do to yourself and the environment so get researching. Listen to James Demeo on for free

25 thoughts on “Don Croft Chemtrails disappear-Orgone & Cloud Angels

  1. ShineLoveLightShine

    @Gavinwr75 They clean up the sky, and when they? are around there is always a profound feeling of love, like an angelic vibe :)

  2. OrgoneHawker

    Instead of looking for recorded evidence, I went out and saw the proof live in action. The significant effect of orgonite is something that cannot be simply grasped by only mere? knowing of the concept, but actually experiencing it which in turn for my own family became the ultimate evidence.

  3. OrgoneHawker

    In my experience so far, one 3oz tower buster with a quartz crystal inside is just enough to flip the energy of the tower into positive orgone. Intuition becomes a common tool for a gifter and using that can help with? questions such as this.

  4. germanicelt

    Orgone is just a name given to an energy that is scientifically validated. There is nothing spiritual about it. It’s just nature, but as with many of these things the? New Age movement tries to put this type of spin on it and claim it as part of their religion.

  5. Gavinwr75

    these sylph what are they? How do they get there? I watched these sylphs clean up the sky not terribly exiting and then in 5 minutes you look back and the whole? sky is clear and they dissappear. Are they interdimensional beings. But they look like dispersed chem clouds. But are they really the clouds or are the clouds merely shaped by the presence of them? My cloud buster stops the trails then they spray something else directly above me to intimidate me.

  6. 2uMRAsh

    Orgonite works objectively. The science has been done and the results recorded. The American government illegally destroyed the work of the founding scientist Willhelm Reich. Reich published peer reviewed material. He was a serious methodical scientist with many followers. Orgonite and the discovery of something like lasers are equally fantastical. It’s just that one is widely accpeted and used and the other is not.

  7. Gavinwr75

    Hi there, how many tower busters are? needed per tower? What’s the best way to find local towers? Thanks

  8. InfernoFuture

    If it’s right we are directed to orgone by divine inspiration, then my hints on reptilian videos to this stuff could be erased (perhaps hopefully for our security…). I hope I have not brought anyone of the movement, including myself (unfortunately I have got few money), into danger. At that moment I found out about Wilhelm Reich and orgonite devices, I must agree, I really had the same impression I was led there by someone in my desperation about the NWO? tyranny plans.

  9. dombadil

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    there is no proof that orgonite works. were’s the science Don? instead of filling people’s mind with this bull shit show the proof. the power wand? crystal works , but you don’t need orgonite. Don croft is a reptile!

  11. 357mes

    @Samua3 Yeah, tests have been done with plants and they respond by growing larger and healthier than? those not exposed.

  12. Drumvain

    While I think that orgonite has the ability to help people and their environment I? also believe that if you think it does nothing and will not benefit you it wont. It isnt meant to. Yes smart people unlike yourself have invented many ways to test things etc..etc. Orgone,Chi, Life force, Prana exist in all living things. The point of orgonite is to capture and harness that energy and transmute EMF and microwaves into something we can handle. Do you think 30y.o. people dying of cancer is normal?

  13. Samua3

    Please could you explain what you mean by incorrect reverse technique? I want to get this right. The mixed? messages are frustrating. I feel a lovely cool breeze from the orgonite I have already made and yes I can feel that breeze from most things I hold my palm over BUT it is far more distinctive from the orgonite. I tried it many times. It is different but how do I know if it is good? Input appreciated very much. xx

  14. Samua3

    All new info and its great to learn – thanks for the input. Sorry to go on but i need to ask about these people that test it by putting e.g. cress on top of it and comparing it to cress not on it. Also? what do the weird changes in the water mean when it is stood on orgonite in a freezer? (or something like that – there was some experiment I saw about this but I didn’t understand what it meant even if it did affect the water / ice.) I just want to learn and do the best I can with what I know. x

  15. rabidowski

    — > All that smart science… all those geniuses… yet you want me to believe that noone has been able to “observe” scientifically that this orgonite stuff does ANYTHING, except by dangling a pendulum, or putting it on a porch and watching the sky clear naturally over HOURS and then claiming its the device that did it, or by holding your hand over it and thinking there’s a breeze? Sorry. Stick one? of these things in front of a spectrograph and show me what readings are recorded!


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