Doomsday 2012 & Chemtrail Lies – NASA Senior Scientist LIES

Doomsday 2012 & Chemtrail Lies – NASA Senior Scientist LIES! NASA Senior Scientist – Doomsday 2012 & Chemtrail Lies David Morrison Reponds to Your Question Why Is The Govt Using Chemtrails To Block The View Of Nibiru? Many People Say Chemtrails Are Used For No Other Purpose Other Than To Just Block The View Of Planet 2003UB313. NASA Senior Scientist david Morrison awnser. This is one of the weirdest questions I have received this year. First, of course, there are no chemtrails; the idea that governments are secretly spraying damaging chemicals into the atmosphere is crazy. Second, you have only to look up to know that the sky is still blue in the daytime and the stars still shine at night; nothing (chemtrails or contrails or whatever) is blocking our view of space. Third, Nibiru does not exist, as I have so often explained. Finally, the dwarf planet Eris (which once had the temporary designation 2003UB313) is easy for astronomers to see with big telescopes, but it is very far away (nearly 3 times farther than Pluto) and very faint. The “many people” that you say are the source of your information don’t know what they are talking about. For a start toward learning the truth, I recommend using Wikipedia to look up “chemtrails” and “Nibiru” and “Eris”. David Morrisson Says Now, I for one love a good book or movie as much as the next guy. But the stuff flying around through cyberspace, TV and the movies is not based on science. There is even a fake NASA news release out there

22 thoughts on “Doomsday 2012 & Chemtrail Lies – NASA Senior Scientist LIES

  1. TheIncognitosenior

    He reminds me of the guy from Total Recall, trying to convince Quaid to swallow the pill so he’d wake up from his dream. When really he was wide awake!

  2. TheSeaMyst

    He is a space case the reason no one can see it is it’s BLACK and the sun masks it’s presence it will come from around the sun along with 1000 meteors that will hit earth and I could make that thing go away but tell me why?

  3. TrancedAnts

    “And the point of my talking to you now…” is so that you keep sucking on the tit of garbage we’ve been feeding you.

  4. TrancedAnts

    “Occasionally there is some damage to satellites in orbit […] but very little real damage is done.” No, no telegraphs were EVER burned out because of a CME… ever.

  5. TrancedAnts

    “Aside from worrying about the weird places the idea came from” …. Uh, the Mayan, Sumerian, Dogon, Hopi, and countless other cultures and civilizations were all weird places man? Seriously?

  6. atlanticobr

    Russian and Chinese Scientist lie less. NASA does this wretched, lying? blatantly. Certainly he has “pass” guaranteed to a shelter …

  7. leadtheway4all

    If we are all here after september twenty5th twenty eleven. Then ill believe that its nothing. Until we reach some kind of posted deadline then we have no other comment to add. We are all still waiting for someones truth to be so!

  8. tudortube

    I must be honest I don’t really follow Nibiru, plenty of things I do but I don’t think a planet will hit earth in 2012.

  9. morgan1890cc

    If chemtrails don’t exist then what is this?

    United States Patent #5003186
    “Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming”

  10. 5T4RSCREAM144

    Hell I could have told you this… he is a lying scumbag… lied to me also about chemtrails… when i mentioned they wrote about it in a bill he answers me “lies and confusion” and never posted it… scumbag

  11. Construuct

    This guy is the ultimate zionist piece of sh** ….. I hope I run into him one day so I can punch him in his fat mouth

  12. babymalai

    maybe we should ask this asshole why the ESA, THE EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY doesn;t have ONE THING ABOUT COMET ELENIN ON IT;S WEBSITE, NOT A GODDAMN THING, now that;s just got me sitting here going hmmmmmm, maybe someone should show him this video, this is one of the WORST CHEMTRAIL VIDEOS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE, LET THIS BASTARD TRY AND SAY THIS IS NOTHING THE LYING COCKSUCKER!! /watch?v=Q-0b9ZkkLnw check it out!!


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