Dr.DelBert Blair- Technology is killing you and your love ones !!!!

What you can do to protect yourself and the one’s you say you LOVE. Rose’s two newest books are available NOW! ASCENSION, SOUL, RETRIEVAL, RESURRECTION book 1 and book2

25 thoughts on “Dr.DelBert Blair- Technology is killing you and your love ones !!!!

  1. sAmAnthA06311

    Dr.Blair is not here to tell you to give up? everything you find pleasurable because he is not your father. Your an adult if you want to toss the tvs, cell phones and cigarettes then good for you but if you dont here is something to make it less harmful

  2. AfrokemetYoruba

    I like the thought of what you said. and I like that you thought it. Question? everything without paranoia….good job…really!

  3. YourASlaveWakeUp

    Custom supplements from only 500$. Nutrient formula 80 minerals, vitamins,? trace minerals from 300usd for 1 year supply!

  4. Sheppie Het

    What I don’t get with Dr. Blair is his constant promotion of his products…Why should we stay watching the TV when its nothing more than programming with/without the ELFs? why stay smoking cigarettes when they’re no good for you? Why stay eating the horrible food whose nutritional? dna has been compromise thru gene splicing? Why do spiritual beings still need cell phones? Aren’t these products giving us permission to stay married to this parasitic beast and stay in this 3rd density?

  5. ThoughtGaze

    People, this man is a scam artist of the worst kind. The kind that exploits people’s desires to reach a higher level of consciousness and understanding. He comes in the guise of a sage or knowledge bearer but in fact he speaks with a fork tongue and in the end, only wants your money. Don’t trust me, listen to what he says and the? absurdity of it should be relatively apparent.

  6. BKinNY

    You asked of the channel’s owner, Dr. Delbert Blair has many videos on You Tube and his own website? call meta center. For a person who actually wants to know, the info I just provided is ALL YOU NEED! Get over yourself.

  7. Charles Z.

    Viewers: Detractors are here to derail your acquisition of information, to attempt to place doubt in your mind. You can determine what is feasible without help from? anyone. Do not respond to them. Get the information and move on.

  8. ThoughtGaze

    As I suspected. When I simply ask for evidence, you cannot? provide me with anything of substance. No need to discuss anymore here, this man’s message and his followers certainly have no desire to be rational thinkers but are rather attached to the sensationlistic and fantastical rhetoric of “true higher self”, “false matrix”, and “goddesses/gods”.

  9. BKinNY

    You need to check yourself. You come to this lovely woman’s channel and challenge her to satisfy your disbelief?????!!!! No one needs to? convince you of anything, you are responsible for your ignorance, and if proof is what you need it doesn’t come as 2nd hand information.

  10. ThoughtGaze

    Sounds sensationalistic. Kindly direct me to your most compelling evidence for what this man says.

    You seem to say beautiful words with little substance. False Matrix? true higher? powerful self? goddess/god? deep research? You appear to be lost in thought, to little avail.

  11. Rose Whaley

    Hi !? DIVINE ONE! YES YES Yes!!!!!!! many intelligence, Enlighten PEOPLE (Meditating, listening to our own TRUE HIGHER POWERFUL SELF GODDESS/GOD) people who did their own deep research and are unplugging from this False Matrix of MATERIALISM to DEFINE their SELF WORTH! LOVE,PEACE and MORE BLESSINGS!!!!!!! DEAR ONES !!!!!!!

  12. Vronikaah Vil

    people say oh technology is advancing humanity we are getting real far yes lets be proud of that but what they dont realize is that most technology? is also destroying humanity.

  13. mighty1osiris

    That last bit about holograms ties in with one of the conspiracy theories I heard about the government projecting an alien invasion to? create a one world government …


    What an interesting video! So much info that I was none the wiser to and now am aware of thanks to Rose Whaley for uploading and? Dr. DelBert Blair. Excellent! 1 Love …Uncle Mik


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