Dylan Ratigan on IMF/ EU Bailout

Dylan Ratigan again tells it like it is for the most part. The bailout of Greece by the IMF and EU is really meant to prop up the failing Euro and EU system that they are attempting to FORCE into their totalitarian system of control through a central banking system of fiat currency. Soverign debt has been allowed to go out of control BY DESIGN. Wake up and smell the roses. They aren’t so sweet.

25 thoughts on “Dylan Ratigan on IMF/ EU Bailout

  1. rugbyboy198127

    hello, we need a revolution in the west, we need to throw the bankers out and stop privatising everything! power back to the people as it once was and shall again be! talk is cheap, everybody’s a major wimp!

  2. independent684

    ASK DYLAN. Dylan talk to me chief. I’m about as frustrated as a no arm man trying to watch a porno. If you can grasp that concept. The Correspondent Dinner How much do they cost us. DARK POOLS Didn’t Enron have the same set up, Only they called it THE BLACK BOX

  3. independent684

    The Correspondent dinner that bush was looking under his podium for weapons of mass destruction, While people were getting their balls blown off in iraq. These are them people. What there telling you now is, They have things so fucked up now, That the only thing that can be done is they keep ripping the 90% of the world off, Or the world economy will crash. Fuck it, This phoney economy has to crash before the real one can happenThey come from the lowest level of swamp shit, Ever to surface !

  4. independent684

    I’m sick of it too people, Reminds me of all them spiders that come up to eat the mother spider, Then one bump, And they scatter and hide .Then they just reappear again. We made a big mistake letting the supreme court appoint bush in 2000 Well you know the rest. Look where we are.The best one CORROSPONDENT DINNERS Probably about 500 billion dollars worth of american wealth at one of these horse and pony show’s, And broke taxpayers flip the bill. These Fuc@in people have no shame man

  5. gboy1441

    hes had enough like i have. this country needs a revolution of sorts. all the congress from 1970-2010, alongside the top 10% have commited treason and robbery of 300+million americans. if you steal $50 from a wallet you go to jail, if you steal 50trillion and committ treason, you live lavishly. this country is doomed, and so is most of europe. we will revert to closing our borders and if god is merciful he will toss a huge astroid towards earth to wipe out his mistake of creating man FAST.

  6. zoukdude8

    this might help people understand just what has happened, and how they get away with it: It has to do with the emancipation approclamation:

    You got it, Slavery

    Look up these 2 videos
    Blacks Law / Moorish Law Dealing With the Courts PT.1

    Blacks Law / Moorish Law Dealing With the Courts PT.2

  7. independent684

    @b0rn2BFail Me either, He’s real good. He don’t hold back no punches.With a country running on borrowed money from a communist Country, At this point and time, He’s just the man for the job !

  8. independent684

    Dylan Ratigan , Born again hard. Most imporant man in news. He sees every bag of tricks , Every sucker punch coming from ,Wall Street , Bankers ,Corporations , Treasury , Federal Reserve, lets not forget washington. It bares repeating. Most important man in news

  9. EyeAmBatman

    Ah finally, someone that can talk the talk and walk the walk,
    This guy would put the shits up any politicians ass.. #LOL
    We need people like this guy, to stand up and challenge..

  10. blueorangelettuce

    Never really liked this guy, but this demo was great! Nice to have an anchor on mainstream media calling this out…

  11. kenjams

    @wolfravenous That figure did seem low to me and your math seems correct. This is clearly being done on behalf of the Federal Reserve and IMF for stability of the Euro when in fact the countries would be better off without them in the long run. Europe should go back to sovereign currencies. imho

  12. gauharjk

    Dylan, bring Ron Paul on your show… not some dumb-ass congresspeople who don’t know what they’re talking about…

  13. allmoviesoneplace

    @wolfravenous IMF provides only part of the funding (some 60 billion or so). The rest is funded by the EU.

  14. wolfravenous

    I want to know where this guy came up with 57 billion? The IMF is 20% funded by US, that puts US on the hook for 200 billion of a Trillion dollar bailout. Am I missing something or is this just an attempt to marginalize the real truth by the media


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