Earthquake West Coast. Seal Death bs Alert usgs. Mitchell Coombes prediction? +STUFF

Arctic Ice Has Record Melt In June 2012 97% of Greenland’s ice sheet melted Hidden Rift Valley in West Antarctica NASA | Warm Ocean Currents Cause Majority of “Das Kind – Der Film” Trailer The Child 2012 Ice Loss from Antarctica anywhere 6.2 miles down are stress lines big quakes are coming. get ready! Mitchell Coombes Big quakes coming. 2012 News, Ice Report. Radio 5 to 7pm on the 30th Sounds, Chemtrail Web Blood, SkyQuakes, Earthquake Light’s. Radio Show How to Predict a earthquake B4 it Hit’s. USGS weather share 1 888 ASK USGS The Electroseismic wave theory of Frenkel from Lawrence Berkeley Nation Laboratory Light’s in the sky before a earthquake study. Electrical Discharges Earthquake Early Warning. Weather Share Ca. Ozone from Rock Fracture Could Serve as Earthquake Early Warning pinksapphiret Ozone could serve as Earthquake Early Warning Earth Undone DVD NASA 1 foot water Ocean = 2 feet on Land. 2020 Report is 2011 Now! Have a Plan Scientists in Hawaii: Tsunamis on the Rise? Arctic ice melting on unprecedented scale Day After Yesterday… Glacial Rebound thanks guy’s big hugs for your effort’s to

24 thoughts on “Earthquake West Coast. Seal Death bs Alert usgs. Mitchell Coombes prediction? +STUFF

  1. MzClementine

    No Shit! I argue with the hubby all the time.. That? the earth is expanding.. And also.. The moon… BRAVO KUDOS


    Regarding HAARP, watch.. Lindsey Williams – The Elite Speak 😉 The power elite are; mysterious,? dangerous, influential. Yes HAARP seems far fetched, like of SCIFI order, but technology in general is that way.. impossible to visualize. Also HAARP officials even admit the device heats up the ionosphere, just that they deny any proposed negatives. In the same fashion the US government denied any involvement in 911, yet their official 911 report was clearly bogus, plus all 911 evidence removed.

  3. whats12345678910

    Just a question bug,could you take shelter in a sky scraper if the tsunami wall is half or? as big as the building.DO you think the building could survive the impact,or would it tumble over.

  4. pete james

    Sorry Bout double Post-# this Bug! My Wife who wouldnt talk about this stuff-Few days ago Some News Had to have covered you? or someone severly plagiarised you. My Gal almost word for word was repeating what is going on.Your words-I sat? Silent. Please go on Hun–She did. One was The Ice with What looks like Blood-Another was Salt Ice I think That looks like blood–She Explained the theory Much better then I could–She says-You Don’t Know about this?? I Laughed-Said No Scott (BUG) Does tho..LMBO

  5. pete james

    I have a Saved email From 2001 The Nostrodamus Twin Tower-BS-That was Credited there and 50 other times in his-story-If There is a Real Soothesayer-I dig what the bible says-Test The Spirit-MORE I dig If he calls Himself??Prophet-They Use todays Terms-to Loophole out- But-Lets say all Who Wanna? Tell the future as Prophets-In That book it says if 1 time they are wrong KILL them—Imagine the end of the white noise If we followed that?? Woops~ I Never stated that!! Be well S-B….With Love Bro-

  6. believersunderground

    Massive cyclone blows over central Arctic ocean
    Serreze added that about 600,000 square kilometres of sea ice was lost in the central Arctic in the last week. this is 600,000 km = 3239740.820734 miles (nautical and international)
    the sea salt kick up is? mind blowing. still working on my projections. looks like the earth may have a rebound quake soon up there. that salt hit Greenland too. we hit a new feed back effect. LUVBUG

  7. aussiegirlonamission

    Hi there Scott. After an earthquake, when the ground moves and the water comes up through it. Cracks in the pavements etc……what do you call that? Do you think? that the earthworms that died in Japan are from that? Too much salt water? Apart from the radiation etc etc. Sorry I forgot what it was called lol. Sorry for the random comment and loved your video’s. Big love to you and yours :)

  8. whats12345678910

    They have bin moving military trained in disaster relief near the coast,I? hope they are wrong because the death toll would be enormous.

  9. MVpillow

    Hey bug we had the two quakes last week, what do u think will happen? Iran just had a major one. What is the future of l.a? Will b going to sequa national park Nxt. Weekend kinda scared. But we have our bug out bag ready.?

  10. marylorraine11

    Where are you finding that info? Ive been to Mitchell Coombes site and it says the 104? is ‘close’…. not that it is started


    oh my bad. It’s real code name is a “bent spear”. since we screwed Greenland? hahaha it’s sad. “broken arrow” is if a bomb is stolen. this was just a screw up. opps. lalala BUG


    Greenland had a broken arrow event in the 60’s. 6 nuclear bombs on a US plane went down. 4 went off, as dirty. 2 they ever found. none reached yield for fusion event. nevertheless the damage done.? thanks for your comment. hugs BUG


    Bob graduated from collage Friday. I’ll be doing the show next week. GAINESVILLE, Fla. — From 1900-2010, freshwater fish species in North America went extinct at a rate 877 times faster than the rate found in the fossil record. Since the first assessment of extinct North American freshwater fishes in 1989, the number of extinct fishes increased by 25 percent. It’s not looking go, for them dudes either. hugs? LUVBUG

  14. jerzeydolphins

    Bug me and? a few others were at bob truskin s internet show lastnite thinking it was your weekly show and they told us no in the chat room,they were nice about it,but can you send or post the actual link,thanks again .

  15. MrPanetela

    Would it not be easier, just to ask somebody with a gieger counter living in Ice Land, find a glacier lake, dig up some varve, and? then test it for radioactivity?

  16. Bella Sinister

    Hello Bug, and thank you so much. I just found you today on yt and subscribed to both channels. You’d be cool to hang out with! Keep up the good work and God Bless.? Good message and information. Thanks again.

  17. epicdred

    No but very near that area. Im in a neighborhood directly across the bar. Close to the DQ on the main road that goes out to the beaches, bluffs, and cape arago. I used to work for the park service about 6 years ago and I have noticed significant tilting since then. A retaining wall on one of the trails i built at the cape shows it dramatically, along with a lot of cracking in? the newer cement trails ect. Next time im out there ill snap some pics and send them to you.
    God bless


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