24 thoughts on “Electro House 2010 HOT MIX DJ BL3ND

  1. persiforever

    1st of? March is? Justin Bieber’s? birthday. This? little?? fag? has been infecting? the whole? world.? Because? of? him, the world? of?? techno is extincting
    So on his? birthday, we all will go to his? “Baby” official? video? and push the ‘dislike’ button so that the? ‘dislike’? bar becomes 10 times bigger than the ‘like’ bar
    If you are a? techno? fan, join? with? me and thumbs? up? me, copy-paste? this message to?? all? techno videos. We have 3? months to? unite and fight against this

  2. animals1995

    dam whos da chik?! ;p she beautiful<3 and she knows how 2 shuffle<3! my kind of girl hehe tell her? 2 hit me up sumtime πŸ˜‰ no joke hehe


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