25 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda Part 1 of 12

  1. CosmosPrivateer

    I have been thinking that the symbols were a lead into consumerism. Our minds place these symbols in our mind and today we replace them with consumer products.

    Many symbols are on these products or are represented as a corporate logo.

    Think about.

  2. srgtfrog

    @Cyan1d3PR: I think anything that isn’t primal instinct makes us grow apart from out true nature. Conscious thought is hindering and progressing us. (Yes, I’m aware I’m a bit hypocritical in this opinion)

  3. Cyan1d3PR

    Wait if we follow anithing thats said to us such as religion and “paganism” arent we as he said growing apart from our true nature, so this is the same though the mayan calendar, and the cycles of whatever are all symbols still, i believe that everybody should find their own “Philosophy: on life if u will, nothing is truly established as the one truth, exept for the fact that each of us can create our own and that where the real meaning of life lies, im open for exchange of ideas :)

  4. BringFireOnBabylon

    I will not go into details. No matter what insults, comments, or anything anyone asks I will say nothing more. I really don’t even care if you believe me or not, I’m telling you this with the hope it will one day help you. Several parts of what you saw in this series is very very accurate. Please, just look into things deeper. That really is all I can say, and i apologize for that

  5. torchofaz

    MY CYCLE IZ NOW happening, cycle of fire that burns all bonds between people and possessions. Between wealth and without wealth, between the have’s and have nots, between the slave masters and the slaves, between the past and the future, between hate and LOVE, between profit and NON-PROFIT, between greed and ALL who believe in a world without greed and money IZ EARTH’s FUTURE. That Fire IZ BURNING in ALL SOULS on and off Earth. Dancing in the MOONLIGHT is ALL on earth’s future AZ history will?

  6. girlphriend

    so christianity didnt borrow anything from paganism? there are pagans today,how can it be just pre christian? it can mean someone who doesnt adhere to YOUR god. not just BEFORE christ but after, too. and if it IS before then it would be easier to borrow from that if it came after…and some people would say that catholics are NOT christian BECAUSE they are too pagan!

  7. dikroxem

    Hi MCE, I know you wrote this a long time ago, I hope you have investigated a lot further. If you need back up, I can help you, if you want to know the truth, as I have lived it, anyway.

  8. shwankey

    LOL since the 90’s? how old are you? Try since the beginning of time. Ever heard of the Bible? or the Dead Sea Scrolls? Even ancient Egyptian’s foretold an end to the world. We have lost a lot more than our bond with nature, we’ve lost common sense, appreciation of life, respect and obedience to our creator, also prophesied in the scriptures. Do some more reading…

  9. MeDappaDonn

    ‘the best thing to watch is zeitgeist’! thats the funniest thing ive heard heard all week! haha you made my day hahaha

  10. lChrisUK

    Just another Mayan doomsday video in disguise, Mayans stopped taking recordings up until December 21st, 2012. This doesn’t mean that is the end, they just stop taking recordings. Media and falsely minded pricks feed off of this bullshit with a straw in order to cause fear, nothing will happen. Calendars end, it’s how it goes. Many calendars have ended during YOUR and your family’s lifetime. Mayan’s calendar ending is just another. What a load of shit.. lol.

  11. 1952Bebe

    This is the second version of Esoteric Agenda I have attempted to watch. Seems like a very interesting documentary….however, for future reference please know that those of us with certain hearing problems CANNOT hear what is being said over THE LOUD BACKGROUND MUSIC…

  12. sludgedozer

    The cross came from Pagans. Catholics just adopted many pagan customs and blended them with christianity.

  13. BadgasBadgas

    Why don’t you go to the last part and see his 13 slides of sources in the last 2 mins of the last part of this film.


  14. mcewenlee

    There is no bibliography–where are your sources, man?!

    I guess what I’m wondering is why spend such time on a video and then let it slip through the cracks without providing sources?

    The government isn’t going to murder us. The WHO isn’t going to destroy our food. Global humanitarian agencies are not a big, overblown facade. I mean, if thats the case, why not let every starving soul in Africa die? Why continue to help people live longer? Because these agencies are for the common good.

  15. Yannisastra

    You are missing something important buddy: Pagan does not get along with catholic. Pagan refers to a pre-christian era, while catholic refers to Christianity. So, the cross is either pagan, or christian. It can’t be both.

  16. rumzt208

    It really angers me when people start talking about the end of the world. this wave cycle harmonic history thing is often talked about and backed up by this, that and the third but i try not to take it in because they’ve been telling us the world will end since what? the ninties and maybe earlier. and they would always back it up with facts.
    but we have to admit that we really have lost our bond with nature.
    by the way the best thing to watch is zeitgeist.

  17. ShootAAppleOffMyHead

    lol you watched it too so why you talking shit lolz you need to find something to keep you busy you get a life!


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