24 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda Part 10 of 12

  1. tempestt2005

    Im mad that the illuminati just made a video explaining the illuminati.smart? move but to bad im smarter.i do reseach and i read. So i call b.s on this one.dont fall for it.the only thing out now is what facts they want you to know. They are trying to move the world into one world religion.its in the bible that this would happen. Dont fall for it.dont take a random videos word for it.they know people dont have time to truley research this.smh,sad

  2. feliixx

    dude its all sad i know the envoirment cares me the most but I was LISTENIGN? to a house PLAYLIST wtf is this doing in it

  3. TooManySheeple

    This video bounces around alot. It also contradicts itself on occasion. That being said, at least it does serve a purpose in hopefully drawing people’s attention to what is really going on behind the scenes. There are much better video series available, Xendrius’ “Conspiritus” I think is one of the? best. So if you have opened your eyes and want to look into these things al little more check that o and many others out

  4. torchofaz

    Right! Don’t believe in SHIT unless you want to believe in SHIT. The nigh future will show the sheep the? direction to flock.

  5. elie721

    Why would it “piss” you off that people are violently opposing this or these videos? The narrator had even mentioned that people for the most part disregard “teachers” or speakers of the truth because it is a revelation that they were wrong & that what they originally believed was not accurate or a down right lie. I think out of fear & anger people have the same distain as well when it comes to the unthinkable in discussing underlying agendas & plots against everyday people? & society. Right?!

  6. rumoroo

    What replaces the frequency of the species replacing the frequency of the lost species? Do the replacements? work overtime?

  7. oromuisca

    I like your comment and agree. This vid? goes back and forth demonsing paganism,then crediting it in diff. ways..now was this part supposed to demonize the Waco leader or make him a sort of hero for being anti-gov’t?

  8. dengronne

    I will recommend “Secret Behind Secret? Societies” – It’s an 1,5 hour long lecture exposing the truth

  9. phunsize

    One of the most amazing films I have seen and trust me Ive seen over 60 documentaries and 16 books and it just mashes all the important things I have learned into 1 film involving conspiracy faith astrology science music OHH wow everyone must watch with an open mind kudos to the humans involved? in making this and posting!!!!

  10. Virgile71

    Did I ever proposed that it was removed ?

    Maybe I just thought too much focus on fear makes the enlighting teaching disappear.

    Some sort of people see 80% bad and 20% good in the world (pro rata of time spent in? this vid, those who made this vid.

    I’d rather see 50% good and 50% bad, knowing 2 things :

    1- all the bad can end up becoming good if we handle it a proper way

    2- 50% is not this bad.

    This video is made up by pessimistics.

  11. xbuttfacex

    you can percieve it as a frightening message or you can do what was intended and educate yourself on these issues and stter your life? in a different direction. how can you say that education of this much importance to the individual and his/her freedoms should be removed basically cause its scary. hell yeah its scary but thats why we need to know about it. to be informed enough to change it

  12. VarekMoon

    Why must all news anchors have the same? type of demeanor and voice. Do they have some sort of robot monkey puppet programing going on that I’m not aware of?

  13. billyv01

    I have this on DVD-HD.. its awesome.. my favorite DVD of all time!!!! ? people that dont believe this stuff are just not doing any research.. not their fault; they are sheep, not shepards

  14. Virgile71

    I keep watching because my duty is to observe and analyse things around, and just that, and I really liked part 11 and 12 : there is a reason why 1 hour 30 mins is just spreading fear and 20 mins revealing a transcendental message : the impact of white vs. black is a lot stronger and will bring more followers, not by raised consciousness, but by rejection of power systems.

    People will not feel and? know spiritual oneness of the universe until they accept not to reject anyone (even government)

  15. 13thIndigoChild

    Im glad somebodies awake too, so many people are violently opposing this or any other info like it, its pissing me off… thank? you though !!!

  16. 13thIndigoChild

    Lol who are you, you mock most parts of this but still keep watching, you ought to have words with? that fellow on your left lobe brother.
    I know your sort.

  17. BalmTree

    The guy in the video is absolutely? right, Nothing happens by accident.Most people only know a piece of the puzzle.That’s why they are able to get away with it. hopefully we will wake up before they start killing more people.

  18. Virgile71

    If you were aware of the effect of so much negative data, one after the one has at sub-atomic level, I guess? you would simply withdraw Esoteric Agenda from youtube… unless you have spent all that time to copy/paste this report to proceed to the destruction of energy in the every cell of the viewers body. In this case, this is not very nice nor charitable to your fellowman ! BTW, who can name oneself indigo child apart from big egos ?

  19. imunezombie

    so dumb- I don’t let my kids watch TV cable,,,,
    no wonder they are taking away RF and? going to global digital,,,
    gona start an RF station in 2009,,
    don’t toss your rabit ears antennas


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