25 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda Part 11 of 12

  1. TheSecretsBlogger

    I love how this video informs people about many mysteries all in once. All without no bias, and with great attention. Gotta have more people watch this video so I posted it on my Enlightenment blog too.

    The Secrets Blogger .com

  2. bajh76fh4

    @Dagonstud the one’s your talking about are not chakras, they are sephira? from the kabala they are different from chakras. They are best avoided unless you really know what your doing, they can send you way out of balance and on the whole unless you intend to use ‘black’ magik they are of little use imo

  3. MismeretMonk

    Hmmmm, this is a lot of stuff. I would advice you to make a remake of this series and explain more WHAT you show and what your sources are. Like in the explanation of the phantom DNA experiment, who is that men that is explaining it, a pulse of what is affecting the DNA and where was the experiment done and publised? That would make it much more convincing.

  4. Christie11111

    not every religon taught that we were children of God. -why does the narrator say that “every religon teaches that we are children of God”?-when it’s not true? Can some one clear this up for me?

  5. Kawnification

    I dont get why part 10 ends starting to talk about that shootout with the bankrobbers? Then the start of part 11 has nothing to do with that.

  6. WilliamHBonney55

    The only part of the video that I believe is true is the part were it says about children that blindly except the information as true are rewarded.

  7. TheShadow320

    {{{ time line 5:40}}}
    The DNA code is degenerate ,this is the same degeneracy seen in most all life forms ,genes can be switched on and off but codons must remain constant or else expression will become random and more susceptible to mutation. (both point and shift ) its not a mater if emotion but biological modes of action and set systems .

  8. pdderek

    I suggest searching different versions (split into 12 or 13) and fast forward to find your place when this happens.

    It’s because so many people have posted so many versions (a good thing!_!)

  9. GodSavedHimself

    why do most of these videos not sync up…someone enlighten me…peices are missing it seems

  10. willberb

    “Lake titikaka” thats a funny place. Do they have nude beaches? I hate nude beaches especially if the water is cold. Its my secret shame.


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