25 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda Part 12 of 12 final

  1. jahone1211

    I’ll have to admit I enjoyed the series, and I don’t really understand all the negative comments. I do disagree with some of the interpretations made, but all information is open for interpretation by the individual. As far has I can tell there is no absolute truth. So instead of being negative, go? read a book and prove him incorrect or just move onto a different video.

  2. extractormann

    This 12 vids? are great, thanks for the uploading, I dont agree with every thing but they are in my favorites, keep the good work.

  3. carenj7

    If you reckon this stuff was good check out ‘The Real Star of Bethlehem’ it starts? off slow but it’s mind blowing.

  4. sailornaruto39

    so? basically he bullshitted the whole thing. tell us all the bad things the goverment is doing only to say “but it is ok, just have love”
    da fuck?

  5. sailornaruto39

    wow… i actually finished!!! While? i don’t watch many this was an interesting conspiracy series.This guy had a soothing voice that wasn’t condescending, at first i was like “oh he is young what does he know” but that seems to be alot XD
    what is his name?

  6. sailornaruto39

    @1:42: i disagree servery people have powerful emotions that can cause a lot of trouble if allowed to be unchecked.oooo he starts to loose me with all his philosophical junk.Love your enemies?”no race for this information”? i doubt loving the government is going to stop them or save anyone. the more people? know they better we can protect ourselves…. what a croc!!!

  7. 1XxShenxX1

    Given the economic collapse and the global food crisis

    So many? people are being lead into suffering.

    Suffering creates fear.

    Fear keeps us from love.

    So then would it be right to warn people about the collapse and start preparing them for their survival?

    I want to do as much as I possibly can to help create a better world.

    Is this wrong?

  8. Skeet2TheMax

    Amazing thank you for? this video…. I think alot.. and just another wonderful addition to my raging mind :]

  9. wthf5

    this was very elegantly put. The thing i struggle with is if people can conquer their fear, will the infringement on their lives by others cease? As it seems on this planet that even the most realized men and women still fall under the? jurisdiction of laws, rules and regulations of others. Are we on this planet to experience a lack of freedom or to rekindle it? hmmm. . . paradoxes

  10. MrDougfunny7

    notice that the websites about how we are taken advantage of by the governments and courts are NO LONGER? ON THE INTERNET. wake up everyone. the government is taking over

  11. GordonMorrice

    What is the name of the man lecturing at 3:50 on DNA? Is the full video? of that lecture on You Tube?

  12. CageEterniteen

    ok so I’m guessing that the reason they have started Codex Alimentarius now? and are trying to narrow down the population by dec 21, 2012 is because they know that on that date we will be conciously evolved and know about what they’re up to and will fight against them so they try to kill most humans while they are stupid and then try to control whoever is left by dec 21, 2012. It’s just a theory but it could very well be true!


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