20 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda Part 2 of 12

  1. torchofaz

    Oneness IZ earths future, all on earth called to focus for ME. GOD will direct my focus. Praise THEY!

  2. Snerggie

    I dare anyone to support the claim that wedding rings are a symbol of Saturn. So many ‘facts’ are jammed in here, all unsupported or referenced in a credible way. It’s bunk. Prove me wrong.

  3. dbn42

    This is an impressive array of spooky music and vague assertions.

    Among them – Saturn’s rings were discovered in 1610 by Galileo and aren’t visible without a telescope.

    Moreover, Ulysses Grant was a veteran and westpoint grad prior to 1861, and started the war as a Colonel.

    Lincoln’s dad was Tom Lincoln.

    Controlling the stock in a corporation is the means by which those agencies are controlled.

    Something more specific about IRS Document 6209 would have been helpful too, it’s 647 pages long.

  4. gammabun

    les jours de la semaine sont basé sur les planetes

    lundi lune
    mardi mars
    mercredi mercure
    jeudi jupiter
    vendredi venus

    not everything that is said in the video is right but many rituals are pagan for sure

    religions feed upon each other

  5. ShootAAppleOffMyHead

    acutally satuday is sabbath day but the translations have changed that! in spanish its sabbado = sabbath day thats in most languages!!! god made it the day of rest

  6. Virgile71

    Last 2 is translation of first 2 in french, as you see in another language Sunday is not the day of the Sun, so I guess in Egyptian it was not either.

    Don’t buy everything means reflect the knowledge before believing, there are many valid points in this report, but it is high necessity to keep alert at what is not.

  7. 13thIndigoChild

    I dont get the last two but it sounds good, when you say don’t buy everything are you talking about food or just consuming (clothes tvs gadgets n gizmo’s) in general?
    Thanks for comment.

  8. 13thIndigoChild

    Theres a newer version of Zeigeist out, the final one?
    I will upload it eventually, thanks for your comment.

  9. Virgile71

    I like :
    Saturday = Saturn
    Sunday = Sun
    Now change the language
    Samedi = Saturne
    Dimanche = Soleil

    Don’t buy everything !

  10. 400oakley20

    Jim Marrs “ruled by secrecy” is a great book supplement to this video. The man has done his research :)

  11. AlchemicalAscendancy

    Yep this is such a well done production. It goes hand in hand with Zeitgeist it fills in pivotal information that Zeigeist didn’t
    have time for!


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