25 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda Part 3 of 12

  1. Airportris

    @shmayy research the jesuits, the illuminati is under a jesuit order, and the illuminati took over freemasonry, and as for other secret societies, they basically are all for one goal. but from my research the people of the church, are the bloodlines of the star system serius, and i cant be sure because im no expert, but the monarchs are made up of bloodlines of the draconian system, thats where david ickes lizard theory comes from. or a hybrid of syrians and draconians,,, thats

  2. shmayy

    do the monarchs (not connected by blood) end up being infiltrated by the secret illuminati groups? or are they all one in the same all connected by blood? or is it a mixture of both? i know its meant to be confusing i feel like i have a fantastic big picture where ends meet and things tie together & make sense…just some details about the “church” vs the “satanic” illuminati..sometimes they r one in the same and sometimes they are against 1another…did the pagan mysteries create the church?

  3. shmayy

    what is still unclear to me and what seems to always get jumbled together is the monarchy & church vs knights templar (ultimately the illuminati) it says the french monarchy killed off many knights templar.. i thought ALL the monarchs & royalty on earth r a part of & r connected to the same bloodlines as those in the templars…or is it jsut british royalty/monarchy?at times its seems the illuminati and church are working together and at other times they are against 1another…same wit the kings

  4. dikroxem

    We lost the revolution in 1794, with the signing of the Jay Treaty with England. Check it out! Maybe you will mention it later, you are very sharp, expected from an indigo.
    I am delighted with your videos.
    You are batting a 1000!

  5. Ramwerw

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  6. jonesrd11207

    It seems to me like this is a anti-pagan agenda when in fact the “Real Pagans” had fought against these same people. These other secret groups then either infiltrated these groups, killed them off and turned them against other organizations so we always fight each other. Pagan is not a bad term it was only when in fact,when these same organizations said they were, look at history and see how they have used false info to keep us at each others throats. It’s the same enemy for us all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. xxXCALIBURxx

    I’m not interested in politics either. But Socialist Liberals are the ones who are at fault, with many others. Saying that we should “let things go” has to be one of the most arrogant claims I’ve ever heard in my life. As if Globalization groups would just stop if we just sat their and told them to.

  8. Virgile71

    “You sound like a fucking Liberal”

    Do I ?

    Mildly interested in politics, mate, this does not resolve problems since there still are problems after thousands of year of politics.

    Anarcap, whatever, some like labels, that makes them feel good about themselves… and obviously bad about others !! For a self satisfaction of inflated ego, yes.

    Sorry, dude, everybody has got qualities and bad points, even you, me or F* liberals, get over it !

  9. Shooriko

    But the world is only around 6,000 years old. How could they have been working on something for 50,000 years? Uhhhhh….. I know the illuminati is bad and all. And I know that they worship the devil. I know that they hate Christianity and teach people against it. Even in schools, they will show muslim videos and other religious videos, but they will make Christianity look bad. Yeah the illuminati is very bad.

  10. Virgile71

    We cannot save everybody, but everyone can do a little to help others. Listening people who suffer psychologically, give food for the starving ones, give shelter for those with no place… it is about charity…

    One thing for sure, all the time spent battling against governments and new world order (on which we have no grip), is less time spent for the needy

    I have chosen, this is my choice and I am not saying it should apply to all, but I see better use of my time than fighting a machine

  11. Anaclon

    That’s easy to say from the comfort of your chair, in front of a pc monitor. It’s even easy to say when faced with someone else’s suffering, it’s easy to say when faced with illness.

    But what about people who can’t even afford food? What is there to offer, other than change, deep change, and FOOD, and shelter, and water, to those who don’t have it? That’s not about understanding. And it’s not about control issues either.

  12. Virgile71

    in face of injustice, we can offer our help, our support, our understanding, our compassion and empathy, listen to those who suffer and be kind, but they are the ones who need to realise and understand why they suffer, this job you cannot do for them. We all suffer because we have not realised something. After realising, there is no more suffering, things keep being bad sometimes but it does not hurt. if it keeps hurting it is because you have a control issue and cannot let things simply be.

  13. Anaclon

    So what do you propose? To keep a sunny disposition in the face of injustice and let them get away with driving people to misery and poverty just so that they can get a power-rush and become even more insanely rich?

  14. ShootAAppleOffMyHead

    revolitons are not happening around the world what are you talking about!!!!!1 how is non resistance more powerful thn revolution tell that to the jews during WW2

  15. Virgile71

    I know, there is a stage where every unfair action is revolting one. But in development of spirituality, you will understand that non resistance generates so many good inner feelings, which represent a real power. Then, been used or abused in the material world becomes irrelevant to the knowledge and wisdom of non resisting. This isn’t a gift, this is a treasure that all the gold of Fed Reserve cannot buy. You will not feel anger no more the day you feel compassion for those powergreed people.

  16. 13thIndigoChild

    Non resistance is more powerful?
    Im the sort who can’t sit back and watch people get violated by the bullies in power…if those camps they keep talking about crop up are going to go peacefully?


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