25 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda Part 4 of 12

  1. TheSecretsBlogger

    I love how this video informs people about many mysteries all in once. All without no bias, and with great attention. Gotta have more people watch this video so I posted it on my Enlightenment blog too.

    The Secrets Blogger .com

  2. ThatDifferentGuy

    All economic activity whether it be the humble baker down the street or the immensely powerful corporations are results of scarcity.

    Scarcity = Competition = Profit

    Abundance = No Profit = Advancement of Humanity

  3. shmayy

    @rafalldownstairs it most likely did not happen but how would u know whats going on in third world countries without your tv or newspaper telling u?

  4. yolyk78

    is there a reason for the poor to have 4 to 5 kids per household? Why is humanity breeding out of control like cockroaches. Wal-Mart loves overpopulation amongst the poor so they can produce cheap hazardous crap to sell them. Use condoms & control population explosion. Limited resources leads to unnatural methods of meeting demand. We force other animals into extinction because we cut rainforests to grow crop for your dumb kids to consume.

  5. toyhyena

    …when it goes into global implementation in December 31st 2009… minimum of 3 Billion Deaths (1 billion through simple starvation).

    It’s the middle of 2010. Shouldn’t we have a good chunk of that in the middle of dying if it’s true?

  6. HeedfulGibbon

    @Gonji so that we can abandon the wasteful lifestyl and hop onto sustainable energy! …and get rid of organized religons. That is one of the true motives behind the NWO. I understand that it sucks, because we are living through this transition but in the end it will be better for the human race and planet earth. Check out the Venus Project

  7. snillocekim

    this little kid who made this crappy video needs to learn how to pronounce the fucking words correctly. otherwise you make every single person watching it think you are an idiot. its Searle, not sere-lee lol…dumbass. and Amen- RA…not Amen-RAY….jesus christ. go to school

  8. Flumselunsan

    Just wanted to mention that in Sweden when I was like 7 years(20 years ago), we got small cups of fluoride in school every morning.

  9. Mirpurmad

    cant agree more
    reminds me of a news about 15 year back when UN was advocating ORS (a medicine meant for supplimenting minrals lost due toDiarrhea in African & Asian children but when it was found that the normal salt mixed water will do the same & effective work UN actually ran a campaign to reject that claim
    now it is known fact that boiled water & added salt relieves the sympthoms & replinishes the body salts

  10. Ph4ntom74

    @Mirpurmad If someone wants to decontaminate water or any other substance for human or animal consume (in this case water specifically), two of the more obvious solutions were to put reverse osmosis systems in the water treatment centers for distribution or Wasserkat water System. Research on it, these are two methods of purifying water without any strange substances. instead, people are feed water and FOOD contaminated with many many substances, and genetically modified like the poor cadle.

  11. Mirpurmad

    ref 3:00 to 3:30 and onwards regarding florinating the water, what I understood was that was for sanitization of drinking water contaminated from all sorts of germs & bacteria etc clorination is also done for same reason
    this is new to me
    please correct me if I am wrong but the idea was to make the water drinkable &free from bacteria that may come from mixing of sewage with drinking water causing all those epidemics in the past

  12. eggheadAKAspensley

    all this shit is just fear. peoples fear.. no matter what they are only people just like me and u.. no one can force anyone to do anything. i for one will never life in fear.. what is there to fear exactly.. this is just paranoid delusion.
    things are changing no dout. there is no need to fear the future.. 2012 should be embraced as i will bring new enlightenment.. only to those who embrace it.. fear belongs in the past

  13. JonTheProdogy

    All the fagots have to do is go on and put some of that technology they have,into play & move people to mars n stuff…but of course,theyre not out to HELP us…so why would they do that?

  14. worldbroadcastvideo

    2009 came and went and “Billions, BILLIONs, BAD, BIG will die”: never happened so the crazy looking liberal bitch was doing typical lib-shit, starting a BS frenzy. She’s on another frenzy now that the last one turned out to be BS

  15. retrogradeorbit

    Who is the gentleman beginning at 3:15 and going to 3:37. I want to look him up. Anyone know?


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