25 thoughts on “EVERGREEN AIR

  1. rachelabombdotcom

    I came across this company when I was looking for spray deliver patents. Thanks for the additional info, I still think they are shady though but we’ll only see what is shown to us, like this pitch video. Thanks again!

  2. UBER069

    it’s just a plane. What is done with it is potentially a subject of concern. Machines dont kill people any more than guns do; people kill people. Cops use lethal force to save lives, while the army uses guns to take lives. 6 of one, half a dozen of the others. The proof will be in the pudding.

  3. CruorEtFerrum

    Looks like the ultimate napalm delivery vehicle to me. Center line dump keeps combustibles well away from engine exhausts and allows dump height to be optimized for F.A.M. delivery.
    Stock up on incendiary rounds while you can.

  4. MeesterAhole

    Dual Purpose Planes , saving Americans lots of tax dollars . Your government hard at work . LOLZ

  5. GreatDepressionTwo

    That plane will be good for exsterminating large populations of biologicaly contaminated people so they don’t contaminate us (you) me depending on whare I’m standing.That’s there plan ,no one gets out alive.

  6. TheLipperTube

    Hey even evil people are capable of doing good deeds, especially if there is a profit involved. Good video on Evergreens fire fighting capacity, I would like to see one of thier chemtrailing capability videos…

  7. LivingForTheFuture

    It sounds like this company will be working with the army by letting them fuel at bases…, So my guess if mass amount of people get out of control they can drop some sort of tear gas onto people to get them in check quick.. DR. D did I put it on the money.

  8. jimbobubbadj

    Forest fires set by lightning is beneficial to the forest. The fire causes some pine cones and other seeds to open. It fertilizes the ground due to the fire releasing certain nutrients locked up in the dead brush. Also it burns away some of the excess fuel, the deadwood, and helps to moderate forest fire intensity.

  9. oterra64

    Propaganda is created so you will believe the lovely covers that the New World Order wants you to believe. you can think for yourself or believe the lies its a simple choice.

  10. DrDissent

    @Montagraph Apparently EVERYBODY doesnt know the FDA is a P.O.S. If EVERYBODY did it seems to me the POS status would get corrected. BTW this video isnt about the FDA, profits or corporations. In the future please leave comments relevant to the topic of the video. Thank you.

  11. EarnanOMaille

    @DrDissent Yes. Please let it be true. I pray to Baal and the Sun that Dr. Kissinger is in the left seat of that thing, and it is full of sheeple sterilizer.

  12. humacyrnus

    Lol. . . .

    It is a fucking tool people. Tools are neutral. It is not the tool, but its use that makes it good or bad. This has the potential for great and horrible things.

    Either way, if the govt wants to get you, they’re going to. They do not need to use fronts like this to do it either.

  13. TurboInsomniac

    LOL funny how he says that the fires are caused by GLOBAL WARMING > : | when they are mostly caused by arsonists. Looks legit. Who the fuck knows?

  14. USoSilly2Me

    Class A foams were developed in mid 1980s for fighting wildfires. The foams lower the surface tension of the water which assists in the wetting and saturation of Class A fuels with water. This aids fire suppression and can prevent re-ignition. Foams would be my choice in addition to the dispersing equipment from the air. Ever life is worth saving no matter the cost.

  15. Montagraph

    Well, if you watch an “Infomercial” about the FDA, you will get the same kind of fluff. However, EVERYBODY knows that the FDA is a P.O.S. and they are not in the business of saving lives – rather making big corperations huge profits! So that how I look at Evergreen Air. Just my opinion!


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