Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!

ATTENTION VIEWERS! PINAL AIRPARK is EVERGREEN FACILITY and we shoot the photos to show you the PROOF. Black helicopters follow us, and surround the compound as well. www.thetruthdenied.com

25 thoughts on “Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!

  1. whisperinwindcried67

    what really needs to be done is to use some serious high tech equipment to snoop at operations up close-total zoom-high def detail!!…somebody somewhere will come up with proof positive,bring forward some of the ejectorate material-lets hope its sooner then later..but really its been going on for YEARS and god knows what theyve done to us,our planet..

  2. PalmBeachSOS

    With the help of Google Earth we can all locate small commercial airports within our towns from where planes with chemicals are departing… Each 2 hour flight to spread chemtrails over schools, crops, parks and homes costs $280,000 and what are the benefits of aluminum, barium nano particles for humans, animals and crops ? We dont have an answer from our government yet. Its considered Classified information.

  3. nmfirepilot

    @roxy777lopez777 You will find that deserts are the best place to store aircraft, and you need lots of surrounding deserted land. Its not sinister, its just the best environment for aircraft storage. You will find other storage and scrapping operations in Kingman and Mojave too, at those airports.

  4. ballistic031983

    Thumbs up because I like your information…Thumbs down because…well..All around the world you could think of it as “Human Crop Dusting”!!!! Every single persons who happens too be dusted is infected!!!…I wonder if they crop dust in Geneva, Switzerland??

  5. silkcat51

    They’re being used in conjunction with scalar warfare to create extreme weather conditions. Subscribe to dutchsinse.

  6. sca91ford

    Oh and yall wanna hear something else real crazy? They are actually called “contrails” for condensation trails. The government isnt out to get you like the boogieman or something. You not going to get sick, you not going to die.. Quit being so paranoid! Your theory is so far fetched.

  7. wudidiz

    Good work… maybe do another one with same video, but leave the text up longer so it’s not needed to pause the vid to have enough time to read.

  8. drummingfordrunks

    @martiansurgery maybe an injection ? for the select few who govern the many??? just a thought…

  9. sca91ford

    Please folks keep in mind, The helicopters are military and you are right next to a Military Heliport. Theres constant aircraft traffic. The picture of the weird looking ground… its a rock quarry. theres lots of them out there. Evergreen and The Western Army Aviation Training Site (WAATS) are unrelated. Ive even seen a NASA 747 out there. They Repair Airplanes. Your looking too deep and missing simple details.

  10. Get0utOfTheMatrix

    please show the text FASTER so i cant read anything.. sucks so hard to pause every 2 seconds.. now i have to mute the music so the whole time pausing wont be so bothering.

    Whatever.. thanks for sharing this Information.. we need to connect as many people as possible against those selfish activity

  11. sailawaysteve1

    I am with you here, this has to stop. On face book I started Chemtrail busters of the world. Please feel free to jion this group and post your pics and videos. THANKS

  12. martiansurgery

    Nice work BTW – it breaks off into a whole other set of possibilities – maybe most ‘drone’ workers involved dont realize that it is affecting human health – maybe what is being sprayed isnt intended to (theres always an acceptable level of collateral casualties when testing) to affect human health – it could be privately funded by a company thats trying to remove carcinogens that collect in our atmosphere – beta testing GPS satellite imaging of wind streams..infinite possib.

  13. martiansurgery

    I appreciate the fact that youre proactively addressing this issue – i do believe that theres something abnormal about jet vapor trails left in our polluted skies.
    Heres my 2 cents worth – Locate the factor or variable that protects ‘this group of people’ – from suffering the same effects from these chemtrails that would affect the whole population – and then you find the real smoking gun – This would convince the sleeping population to not only get off ther asses – but also ATTACK

  14. roxy777lopez777

    @GrizrazRex The fact that it is in the middle of the desert is a concern, Arizona is full of strange facilities in the middle of no where. Good points yu make as well. Sorry about the wordiness of the vid, we launched it, and that’s how it was downloaded, went viral and then there was no going back. Thanks for watching.

  15. GrizrazRex

    Provocative film, when one can actually read and enjoy it in real time. Some of the aircraft depicted are boneyarded. The Delta 747 was in 1980’s livery, for example. Some of the chemtrails might be contrails; AZ is a flyover state for transcon traffic, and Virgin Blue does have red-bellied airliners. I’m no apologist; there does seem to be something sinister going on there. A larger context is that the facility is in the middle of a desert transited by illegal border crossers from Mexico.

  16. GrizrazRex

    Please slow down the text. Even those of use with collegiate reading levels can’t keep up with how much text is displayed in so little time, thus robbing the video of greater impact. I personally had to pause to read a lot.

  17. MrGopherhead

    @debalazo How much did they pay you to become a brain donor? Do you really think I care that you are too stupid to be convinced of the truth or reality? I don’t. I actually love the fact that you are that stupid and too dumb to know it. I know you can’t be “convinced” or educated for that matter. That would take intellignece on your part (that you don’t have). The ability to recognize the truth or think rationally is a skill well beyond the level of chemtards. Keep up the good work fuckstick.


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