EVP Planet X Breaking the Grid – Peggy Kane 2 of 2

Planet X is incoming. It is being hidden from view and when it is finally seen by the the people of Earth, there will be a global panic. But it is the force that is breaking down the walls of our prison. Greet it with joy.

26 thoughts on “EVP Planet X Breaking the Grid – Peggy Kane 2 of 2

  1. Johnny Utah

    Well EvP really works. I reversed George Bush Snr. doing a? speech for his son Jeb. The last thing he say’s in reverse is “send the hamburgers”

  2. ejgregory1992

    she speaks the truth no doubt I’ve been searching for the truth and wow I finally found it thank you? peggy you set me free!

  3. princetruthchaser

    now its coming… in my interview with her on my channel she said its not coming that? its a hoax? hmmmm

  4. Nindica Pinion

    Chat Live every Sunday with Peggy Kane and read her latest articles at the Official EVP? Reverse Speaking Forum!

    evpreversespeaking1.proboards. com

  5. Nevine. Abd

    Planet X is Nibiru solar system overlapping ours. nibiru? is said to be 3 times as big as earth and it is the one brushing closest to us. Many alien races have been involved in redirecting the planet away from earth and cooling the earth centre and shutting off nuclear weapons..etc.. This incident is what 2012 is all about. You need to view the illuminati bunkers prepared. you ned to listen to Peggy kane on reptilian agendas and listen to dived icke, among many others.

  6. RKseekeroftruth

    I believe she said the brown? dwarf (Nubiru/planet X) would interrupt the magnetic grid or “net” as she calls it, therefore allowing us to perceive that which has been hidden, or as she put it, waking up those on earth to the truth.

  7. 11SimpleMan11

    Yup, you hit it spot? on my friend, i’l feel the same way…Good observation..And really though evolving or ascending through nibiru sound absurd to say the least. What a scam that is…

  8. jspunk88

    my theory is many of the population will get scooped up by aliens and taken away to the lower realities under the guise of ‘saving their? lives’ from this incoming collision. those who fight to get on these rescue ships will be the self-serving, low vibe types, thus raising earth’s vibration. those who stay on earth’s surface will raise in frequency with earth, avoiding a collision with any low-vibe matter like a rogue planet.

  9. 11SimpleMan11

    peggy, peggy, peggy. sigh..Yeah i tapped into planet x one time and felt it, so i have a pretty good idea that it’s coming..You’re spot on with all your work, but, the one thing that throws me off is this. I don’t understand why and how? we are going to transcend through nibiru? that makes no sense and doesn’t sit right with me..I don’t know about you, but i’m going to stick it through with my earth mother and hopefully transform with her. keep up the great work!

    1. Catlapper

      I don’t get it..the last time I listened to her on a Coast To Coast broadcast, she said the whole Planet X thing was a ruse to fool the Reptilians into leaving the planet? It is really coming or not? She told Princetruthchaser is wasn’t…yes, some clarity here is needed…hmmmmmm is right!

  10. Robert olsen

    I would? like to know when and where planet X is in relation to our plaine. From a very young age I’ve had feelings that I’m not of this place. I’m not on board with all these things yet, because I want to understand them more before I let myself believe them. Working within myself with my chakras is doing myself good in that, I understand more and have a sense of familiarity that comes with things I am learning about for the first time. I knew these things before and hence, still know them.

  11. SaturnsStudent

    its? terrible!!!!!!!!!!! i have been looking for her website also. I want to hear about this so much. I want to help out. damn hard to get anywhere this way! :( cannot wait till planet X comes CANNOT WAIT 😀

  12. SaturnsStudent

    its terrible!!!!!!!!!!! i have been looking for her website also. I want to hear about this so much. I want to help out. damn hard to get anywhere? this way! :( cannot wait till planet X comes CANNOT WAIT 😀

  13. ReptilianMedia

    Is it interesting how the moon has 13 cycles and is purposely set to make the earth’s ecosystem all perfect? I think these moon ships are being used here for the reptilian agenda and how the moon effects the earth’s habitat so perfectly is by no accident. There is knowledge in this and the moon alignments as ships are being used this way. Nature can’t? do this by itself without a cause. I think there is sacred geometry involved with symbols as vibrations fields in hyperspace in this

  14. ReptilianMedia

    Star gates connect to other locations solar systems cause they are star gates (sun vortexes) vacuums in space in the same location on different frequencies. I believe that the inner planets? and artificial moons are vacuums sun gates as well. It is like these moons are space ships including planets that are astrally here for the agenda here, The locations to others are agendas elsewhere that some parts of the agendas correspond with this agenda here.

  15. ReptilianMedia

    It makes perfect sense why these reptilian entities (also physical) can have some ties into planet x by mechanical means. Another thing I am also familiar with is that the other constellations and stars are in another dimension sharing the same location cause other frequency and dimensions share the same location. The stars including are sun are energy? vortex points that connect through hyperspace into other realities.

  16. ReptilianMedia

    One thing I am familiar with is that reptilians are also masters at frequency resonance. They can alter their frequency between realities and also like how the shape shifting between realities work. Yes this is possible cause non physical reality and our know physical reality are both not solid. Atoms are not solid and vibrate? very slow depending on the density and speed of the energy made up of sound that can materialize.

  17. ReptilianMedia

    I personally think planet x is another planet outside visible light beyond our 5 senses of this narrowed color spectrum that our brains are manipulated only to decode… Planet x is on another vibration frequency that most people don’t see. Sometimes when it has come close to us some people can see it cause its closer to this frequency resonance on this elliptical orbit, but i think it is one of many that we don’t see. Its just one of the closer to us that? been spotted that is known.


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