I filmed these two planes flying at the same altitude earlier this month. “Global Dimming” effects the hydrological cycle of our earth. So weakening our eart…


  1. shoe612

    At high altitudes this water vapor emerges into a cold environment, and the
    local increase in water vapor can push the water content of the air past
    saturation point. The vapor then condenses into tiny water droplets and/or
    deposits into ice. These millions of tiny water droplets and/or ice
    crystals form the vapor trail or contrails. The energy drop (and therefore,
    time and distance) the vapor needs to condense accounts for the contrail
    forming some way behind the aircraft’s engines.

  2. shoe612

    Contrails (short for “condensation trails”) or vapor trails are visible
    trails of condensed water vapor made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As
    the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a
    cloud of microscopic water droplets. If the air is cold enough, this trail
    will comprise tiny ice crystals. The wingtip vortices which trail from the
    wingtips and wing flaps of aircraft are sometimes partly visible due to
    condensation in the cores of the vortices.

  3. desire4liberation

    i wonder…. do you know for sure what is in the fuel of the planes you
    fly? could there be any additives? i also wonder if the planes i see
    leaving trails that never evaporate (they spread into film) are from the
    military or something other than commercial, because they do not look like
    jetblue (lol)

  4. UkTruthSeeker2009

    @a2zhandi I don`t intend too LOL I Think its up to the ones creating the
    damage to pay it you know the Military /Government the crackpots who thrive
    on destroying everything in their view & the crazy scientists who they
    twist around their little finger too Agree its OK to poison the world and
    pretend its for the good of the sheople.

  5. HumanSayNo

    This is good proof well captured. People try to tell me the reason some
    planes have short trails and others have long ones is because they are
    flying at different altitudes, but this destroys their theory! Thanx! *****

  6. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Its no wonder Astma cases are rising in the UK ,The Chemtrails cause the
    same symptons as swine flu. I Wonder if the Governments are paying the TAX
    For the damages its doing to Air we breathe adding to the CO2 they Blame us

  7. bigc028282

    I saw, as it was about over, a SHILL on ABC this morning comparing
    chemtrails to volcanoes, and there cooling affect on the planet. Of course
    the whole morning show has been about “carbon”. I figure that ‘they” know
    about everyone hearing about the 31,o00 scientist who are calling BS on the
    cap in trade treaty and bill.

  8. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Exactly they had thier fare share of floods this year and last year we will
    have to get some wellies and dingies to get around . Better be prepared
    hey. Wouldn`t be suprised at all with how fast they seem to be moving whats
    thier target I wonder??

  9. Mark Conroy

    They “looked” like they were at the same altitude? Come on. What if one
    plane was twice as big as the other? Then one would have to be twice as far
    away as the other for them both to “look” the same size. That’s disgraceful

  10. skybirdbird

    What is excellent about this vid is that you can see when the second plane
    turns on the chemicals….prior to that there is no visible
    exhaust……….TKX for the post

  11. ApocalypticRedIX

    i get chemtrails over here too in the city, at first i couldnt tell whether
    it was contrails or chemtrails but it did look something like this one in
    the video

  12. sjbucci

    For excellent info on Chemtrails watch the 27 part film posted by
    3rdeyedear called DONT TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER. Also, it´s not just barium
    salts and aluminum being sprayed in the atmosphere. Search: chemtrails
    nanomachines morgellons together and see what you get.

  13. Sergio- Alberto

    My dad knows more about this; he was a airport supervisor. He had said that
    these are caused by smoke coming from the turbines (Idk about this)..
    PEOPLE, ‘We have the technology!’ so look it up and do research.. BUT Its
    well known that of Alex Jones and associates, have theories that are 90%
    accurate .. DEATH TO THE NWO !!

  14. dnnylee

    Yes your so correct, to me this is visible proof, I wonder what they are
    spraying up there? Where are these planes coming from and where are they
    landing?Also would like to find out who is piloting those planes and who
    owns the planes? Is this eugenics ?

  15. shoe612

    Ooops. IS 2 deg/1000′. If it’s 80deg at surface and the dew point is 70, if
    you ascend and the surrounding air cools 2deg for every 1000′ of elevation.
    When the temp and dew point match (at 5000′ starting from sea level 0′),
    and moisture is present, invisible water vapor will condense into visible
    vapor forming a cloud. The same thing happens when you exhale warm moist
    breath into cool air in the winter. All that moisture is being converted
    into steam because the cold air can’t retain it.

  16. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Its called Climate Change now they changed it , AND Chemtrails are no HOAX
    But Climate Change Is. They want your £££££££££ in Carbon Tax

  17. rayme4raw

    They are spraying Baron and another chemical which I forget. They are
    drying agents which increase cloud cover and when the rain fails the
    chemicals cause slower plant grow which has a negative effect on crops.
    It’s really criminal.

  18. UkTruthSeeker2009

    They are doing it for many reasons I think To make people believe thier
    story of Climate change,they can make it rain and they can allso stop the
    rain to cause drouts. I Think they are doing this in California because
    many crops, vines,food are grown there which are sold to the world.

  19. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Chemtrails allways bring in the SHEEP Dont they ? dnnylee disagrees with
    your video so much hes put it into your favourites LOL UK Is Chemtrail City
    Maybe why all these disso`s should google Owning The Weather by 2025 by The


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