Experimental Biological Chemical Spraying (chemtrails?)

In 1965 a low flying military plane sprayed a 32 mile trail of germs, germs that cause a lethal disease called Tularaemia or (rabbit fever). Drifting over a vast swathe of ocean near Hawaii the microbes remained infectious for 60 miles.

25 thoughts on “Experimental Biological Chemical Spraying (chemtrails?)

  1. alexcreador

    Buen video, como ya sabras hay una raza llamada Reptilianos, de los iluminati haciendo esto y muchos otros genocidios para reducir la poblacion, tengo fe en los buenos profesionales que detengan esto a tiempo, antes de perder todas nuestras familias por los contaminantes. Que Dios y los pocos Humanos que no son corruptos nos ayuden, Amen..

  2. blite13

    Imagine the tests going on in the “wars” in the MidEast. We are all getting tested on , with HAARP and aerosal spraying as well as the drinking water, crap food, GMO products. We won’t be Humans for much longer, we’ll be a gentically engineered species that isn’t true to it’s nature any more.

  3. blite13

    @cetnikz His programming cannot be broken,yet. My Family is the same way, could give them 100% proof and they would still shake their head and say “can’t be, it’s not possible”. Their mind programming runs so deep. I’m the only one that can see it, they are very blind. Tried to show them the water, but they just won’
    t drink it.

  4. cetnikz

    Amazing I tried to talk to my friend who is a pilot about chemtrails and provided some chmetrail info and he did not want to hear it at all.I showed him some articles and videos and he insists they are just convection currents nothing more.Wow how difficult it is to wake people up.He things I am now a conspiracy nut.


    today was a day of chemtrails if people would only look up for a minute and start thinking and ask some serious questions!

  6. ar5281ar

    @THEAIRBRUSHMANONE, chemtrails daily here in s.e.wisconsin when i can see the blue skies! @ about a min in this video, looks just like what we see in the skies today!

  7. YouThoughtYouKnew


    When was the last time you actually enjoyed at least 3 days of sunshine without at least 1 or 2 of those days being smothered out by these high flying jets leaving streams of exhaust (chem trails) and by noon your skies look like dirty dish water?

  8. XxSkornxX

    It’s NOT the entire U.S. if that’s what you are saying eof12. I happen to despise this fucking country for the things it’s government does. And people like me, are branded along with all of the sheep that cater to the government’s evil fucking scams and schemes. Or branded as another mindless idiot American. Sure, I live in America, but what do you want me to do about this? Fight back with info, because that’s what I can do. A single man can be destroyed or carried off, but a belief cannot.

  9. pac1811

    Makes you wonder/think. YouTube –
    Peter Joseph: “Where are we going?” Nov. 15th ’09 [Part 1 of 4]
    Peter Joseph: “Where are we going?” Nov. 15th ’09 | 2/2
    The Venus Project Lecture City University of London Pt 01

  10. irojioqopiewjr

    If you live in the united states, you have been a test subject for you entire life. All you have to do is look up.

  11. sociopathix

    BTW, veganthrope BEAUTIFUL profile. If your not a paid agent, then your one hell of a lame person.
    Looks a bit like you believe in a God as well. Haha.

  12. sociopathix

    -takes a bite out of a home grown all canadian beef burger-
    Juicy 😉 Hows that Tofu loaf treating you? haha.

    Btw, the uk government has admitted to testing with chemtrails. Look it up.
    Its not conspiracy its a fact that is widely denied. But you know, keep buying that processed vegan crap, and make sure to get your shots every year wouldnt want little vegan boy to get the flu eh? haha.

  13. eof12

    poor animals. fuking people doing such things! There are some evil countries. But fact is, that the US is killing ur planet most of them all!

  14. veganthrope

    I don’t eat meat because of the trans-estrogen and trans-antibiotics. Be assured that meat effects your health more than chem trails.

  15. veganthrope

    If you believe in a Chemtrail conspiracy, then you are absolutely retarded. There is no doubt. I judge you as a psychological professional. It’s absolute proof that you have an IQ below 80. Your age is irrelevant. It’s good that you have come to terms with your mental deficiency. Be thankful you live in a country that will take care of you in spite of your limitations.

  16. NarowAR07

    to be honest im not even close to being 25 😉 second i never went to school so please dont speak with such complicated words 😉 and yes i agree im retarded but im prepared. and who are u to judge me ? there is no “trouble” with me i may have faults and misstakes but who hasen’t ? but dont judge and i got a little angry over a comment i saw you post but as i said dont bother ….


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