17 thoughts on “Explaining Chemtrails pt 2/4

  1. jeffman3003

    There is no point in arguing and getting mad about something that could be happening and coudl be quite real. You either accept the world for what it is or go into denial and wish to? explain it for what it was or what you want it to be. If they do exist , then the question must be asked. Is this were all of our tax money is going? Surely this is not a small time operation and requires unlimited resources.

  2. DWaves47

    Is that? the best you can do….now that I think about IT IS the best you can do. At first I thought you were just ignorant but I was wrong, you’re just plain STUPID!!!!

  3. DWaves47

    OK jokekssphcderer, I have over 20 years? in meteorology and you??? Just as I though you have no education or training in meteorology DO YOU!!! Youre just another jerk who buys into this chem trail BS theory. So if you really believe that the Gov. is putting chemicals in the atmosphere PROVE IT. Try the freedom of information act and PROVE IT or SHOVE IT!


    You? seem to do a lot of projection…

    At least I agree with you about this exchange being a big waste of time.

    Now you can peaceably go back to sleep in your denial land.
    Good night.


    You are irrelevent.
    Just like all the other DENIERS out here.
    You waste people’s time.
    Go back to sleep.
    Go get your H1N1 swine flu shots.

    You are 1 person in grave need of a wake up call!

    If? you don’t believe that CHEMTRAILS (or AEROSOL SCATTERINGS) exist than maybe you also believe in GLOBAL WARMING or CLIMATE CHANGE or whatever they are calling it now.


    A FRAUD.

    Just like YOU.

  6. DWaves47

    TUMMIAISETU your comment is offensive. I have over 20? years of experience in meteorology. When it comes to weather Im the professional not you so it is relevant. And your profession is? You get a smattering of conspiracy info and run with it like its the truth yet you have NO evidence at all so here is a challenge for you what is the difference between a scientific hypothesis and law.

  7. DWaves47

    Scott aka weatherwars if you knew anything about aviation? you would know that the FAA always directs commercial flights and most private flights on the same path unless there is a good reason for the flight to take a different path its called highways in the sky. So flights do and always will take the same path educate yourself. So the onus is on you Scott prove that the Gov is pumping chemicals into the sky. When it come to WEATHER Im the professional and your not so it does matter.


    DWaves47, wether or not you are working and making a living from the weather is irrelevent.
    The CHEMTRAILS in the sky are NOT contrails…I do know the? difference.
    Good luck in trying to convince us otherwise.

    By the way… Scott, I hope all is well, I was hoping to see your WEATHEWARS documentary, are you still working on it?

  9. weatherwars

    Unless you can say, how and WHY, you ‘know’ this? then it doesn’t really matter. I know and everyone can see flight patterns that are dictated by the behavior of previously laid down trails. These kinds of flight patterns just don’t happen with commercial flights. There IS something else going on up there. Period.

  10. DWaves47

    OK, you asked for it. Six of the 10years I was in the military I was a Met Tech. For the past 17 years I have been with the National Weather Service. So weather is what I do for a living and I have? looked at the data. I DO NOT SPEAK for the NWS but from my own knowledge I know for a fact that the Gov. is not pumping chemicals into the atmosphere. What your seeing in Scott’s vids is natural con trails and clouds. Weather is not a hobby for me its what I do for a living. Please post back.


    Yes DWaves47, and you must be a great authority leader…keep putting up? army videos and dream on…
    Oh yeah, you must also still believe that Santa Claus will bring you presents for Christmas?
    Yeah, not DATA to support it…how high are you in the power structure?
    Go back to sleep.sheep.

  12. DWaves47

    Sorry dude and sorry to Scott. too I know more than I can let you know but the truth is this. We can’t control the wether, the Russians didn’t make a machine to control the wehter and the Japanese mafia do not have this machine. Has there been cloud seeding yes does it work? There is no data to? support it. So go to the library and do some reading, educate yourselves OK.


    Will this be part of your? ‘WEATHER WARS’ documentary?
    Your explanations are very easy to understand.


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