Extreme levels of Barium in blood: Chemtrails?

About 3 months ago a Mohave County Resident, Mr. Alan Di Cicco, after feeling very ill for a long time, he did test his blood for Barium, Aluminum and other toxic metals. His blood test results were alarming. The maximum levels according to Labcore labs for the BARIUM (a toxic element) is 2 and Quest Labs is 10… Mr. Di Cicco levels were 150!! 1500% above the maximum levels! After witnessing the last few years an abnormal traffic of low flight unidentified jets leaving trails that do not disappear, Mr. Di Cicco made some researches and learned about “chemtrails” and “weather modification”. Independents labs test by KSLA news it confirms Barium in chemtrails! After learning from Mr. Di Cicco’s barium results, other residents from Mohave County (Kingman, Golden Valley), and also Phoenix and Texas did the same test for Barium and Aluminum.The results were shocking. Mr. Di Cicco results were not an anomaly. 12 more people tested for Extremely high levels of Barium in their blood. For full details and copies of the Blood tests go to ExposeChemtrails.com

25 thoughts on “Extreme levels of Barium in blood: Chemtrails?

  1. chavspotter

    The main source of barium contamination comes in the form of ”fly ash” from coal fired power stations. Another source of barium contamination comes from the packing used in vehicle brake pads. The question is why blame so called ”chemtrails” when there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

  2. 1madaboutguitar

    @mohaveminutemen Understood :-), although I think the reason why people made such an issue about the music in the first place is because the rest of YOUR video was so powerful.

  3. mohaveminutemen

    I have no problem with criticism… as you can see i do not censor any of it… and i welcome it… my only point, please try to do a better job on your own than mine… instead than focusing on the music, make your own video in your area and get it out to others, peace

  4. 1madaboutguitar

    @mohaveminutemen Well glad you did. Again, I appreciate what you are doing and although criticism is not nice, sometimes its necessary, so there is no need for so much attitude but anyway keep up the good work and thanks for listening to people 😉

  5. mohaveminutemen

    As I have said, move your ass and do your own project, getting people together, doing the blood test…expose the chemtrails instead than waiting for excuses that you don’t like the music.
    By the way I added a version of the video with no music on the interviews… for your soft skin friends

  6. 1madaboutguitar

    @mohaveminutemen Ha Ha sorry dude, you must take that on the chin, the music is discrediting and its the sole reason why I and many others haven’t shared it too. So ask yourself whats more important your ego, or getting the word out?

  7. KristinNnicole198027

    Does anyone know if you can just request a blood test of these metals by your doctor?!?

  8. mohaveminutemen

    For everybody that needs a version of this Video without Music on the interviews
    I just uploaded it on the homepage of my channel
    feel free to spread the message : People need to test their blood for Barium and bring this as evidence to demand an official investigation about Chemtrails.

    V we will prevail
    Luca Zanna

  9. LonesomeTroubadour

    @controlfreakssuckass I am not a disinfo agent whatever that is, and am not asleep or a sheep, or any other of those wonderful things conspiracy theorists like to call people that just don’t happen to believe in silly ideas. They’re just contrails, and aircraft have been leaving the in the air for a long time.

  10. rachelabombdotcom

    Thank You for doing this work and sharing Your progress with us. There is an open public meeting in DC this week If You have any contacts near there you can send this is an excellent opportunity to do so. May 20 DC I can send You a link if You want. God Bless You

  11. TheMarkEdwardChannel

    could you please post a version without the song? sorry but the song adds fuel to the people who laugh at any of this data, its hyberbowl and absolutely doesn’t help our credibility. the video itself is great and thank you very much, but please be aware of the impact of the music.

  12. FearAndLoathing888

    I can say 100% we are being sprayed from above. Sometimes many days in a row. Check out my vids if you want me to show why I believe. I filmed them all myself in my backyard. Its real. Its hard to believe I know…..but its the truth.

  13. mohaveminutemen

    I understand you don’t like the song… and I am not offended… I hope you don’t want your money back :) since the video it’s free and I am not charging and not even putting ads on it.
    I suggest you to do a video yourself without music or with the music you like… so you can show it to your precious soft skin friends.
    It’s very funny how some people pick on details of volunteers that trying to do something… instead than getting your energy in exposing these criminals

  14. randomwisdom2012

    Whoever put this goofy song in this video ruined it and now I can’t show anyone because it’s so ridiculous.

  15. anunnaki2006

    May I remind you people that the Knight of Malta family called the House of Grace were heavily involved in the studies of human immunity and the respiratory system. This wasn’t for the good of mankind but in order to understand how to attack the populace as we see today in accordance with the Club of Rome’s ‘Global 2000 Report’, Memorandum 200 etc. Beware of Audrey Tomason, Heinz Kissinger and Ted Turner, the later two both being Knights of Malta and all for depopulation like most of these.

  16. anunnaki2006

    @CaptainTripps2010 I would suggest you also check your diet intake as well by making sure you’re not having any trans fatty acids/hydro-generated fats. Stick with saturated fats and real salt (not table salt) whilst getting the correct levels of water. If you have Asthma you should check out the work of Dr Fereydoon Batmanghelidj immediately, his emergency protocol for this works amazingly and its simply water and salt nothing else. Your Spleen and Heart should be checked by a Chinese doctor.

  17. anunnaki2006

    @cpkdoc1 Viruses, Bacteria etc only come when filth is present for them to clean up (feed upon) they’re natural cleansers not enemies. Study William Beaumont, not fraud Louis Pasteur. The Spleen controls immunity and it also controls the cleansing of filth within the system from a mucus/phlegm angle. Mucus with low Splenic function is a lethal combination leading to localized constipations causing dis-ease. Fix the Spleen and watch the difference otherwise its ‘mucusless diet’ time I’m afraid

  18. anunnaki2006

    @MissEVitale Ear pain stems from damage to the Kidney function whether this be from Lung or Spleen problems. Problems with throat and speech should be tied to the Spleen whilst vision problems will be tied with the Liver. I highly recommend people use a quality fermented Cod Liver Oil with natural vitamins present and a Vitamin A to D ration of 10:1 or less. The ‘A’ will aid your lung function like it does for emphysema etc. Eat Jujube dates daily which will really aid your Splenic function.

  19. anunnaki2006

    @maryjaneofthejungle headaches most likely are sourcing from your Liver but it depends on the location of the headache and remember its the Lungs which balance the Liver. If your having cramps in your muscles and/or the stomach then I’d suggest you check out your Spleen which is always under target right now. The Spleen powers the Lungs and the Spleen needs correct balance from the Liver. May I remind you that quality Eggs are good for the Spleen and Stomach thus digestion & neutral if whole

  20. anunnaki2006

    @jay7920 Ozone is far better & safer than MMS although if someone wants to use MMS thats perfectly fine but I’ve always been an Ozone user and I know its 100% safe as houses,you can throw it in your eyes have it around Children etc you cannot do this with MMS or Hydrogen Peroxide,the later doing exactly the same as Ozone in the body when diluted correctly with water.We all need to keep our bodies clean regular now, nourish and energise our organs with the correct foods otherwise were a statistic


    Well done guys 100% with you on this issue. We are being sprayed in the UK too Please see the videos on my channel….. Thank you and Good luck I would love for you to let me know if the letters worked or if it was just covered up


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