Fake Chemtrail Planes = Fake Truthers-Holographic Hoax Cointel

Those are real planes spraying real poison.NOT ALIENS!.Pure disinfo.Weak minds confusing people looking for the truth.

6 thoughts on “Fake Chemtrail Planes = Fake Truthers-Holographic Hoax Cointel

  1. humanswin

    If you put shapeshifting 01:42 in your? title,quote bible passages 03:58 and lie about the planes being holograms!? then you are disinfo in my book.Pretty simple philosophy I live by and disnfo by you equals enemy of the truth and thus enemy of me.My advice is to keep a wide berth.Turn around,crawl away.This is the place you dont exist.Disnfo shills,you are holograms.

  2. humanswin

    Quantas spraying?comment below.How can a major airliner contain the apparatus?Huge tanks that would be stored in the main interior?Spray? nozzles? there are windows all over a plane also.no one would notice all the sound it’d make?? no way and no way you can store any sizable amount of chemicals on a passenger plane and spray? them.So then doesn’t make sense then..Idk,are people just gullible? maybe just confusion?disinfo?…either way i don’t want any part.It has no need as it is un-reality.

  3. humanswin

    I have been posting “my skies” for longer than anyone here about.4 years before you for? example. so welcome to the club.Then again I have been on the chemtrail central for 8 years,It’s not inconclusive on any theory like? you say,that’s bullshit.Not natural does not mean faked .I just showed the videos saying faked planes,which is major cointel.I expose chemtrails and bullshit lies.Hey thanks,you let me hit all my points.

  4. IWantAirClean

    When I see a chemtrail being made I always see a? plane in front of the trails. Also alot of major airlines are also spraying them, Qantas being one of those planes.

  5. humanswin

    Let me know how they’re holograms.how the hologram technology would work and how a hologram sprays? real barium and other chemicals…. or just dislike it and creep away with your failed disnfo

  6. highbreedo

    would love to see your skies..? chemtraling is the root we know this do we really know their purpose or who is behind it??…seems that its still inconclusive on all theories…for me fake means not natural or normal eg clouds they are being manipulated the planes aren’t on radar usually show the extreme reflecting regardless of perspective and exhibit strange trails mostly orange with a thin centre spray..alien is what is not know to our perception or reality..no hoax or agenda here..peace


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