Feel Foggy? Get Zapped!

This is why I like to get zapped with my Terminator zapper. It helps me to stay positive, energetic and full of creativity. When it comes to relief from chemtrail-induced brain fog, it does what no amount of coffee can do. worldwithoutparasites.com

25 thoughts on “Feel Foggy? Get Zapped!

  1. brainnoise1

    @studiosinger So… have you conitnued using it? I am still considering getting this.. and could use a zapping.. so if you could please share your latest experiences with it since you have had it for 5 weeks now, that would be great?


    Orgonite I believe is busting out everywhere. I came across it 3 weeks ago. Now even my Favorite Truther is talking about the Orgonite Zapper! Thank you for sharing. Every Truther should spread the word on this amazing stuff anybody can put together to fight the nwo! Stop chemtrails and haarp at home, cheap:)

  3. blackgoldeneye

    @biggreekgeek i also felt tired after taking kombucha the first few times, but now it actually energizes me, Take you time

  4. studiosinger

    I’ve been using it for two weeks now. I can’t say it’s given me any better energy. I had a burning sensation at one point that was very unusual for me. I was wondering if that was the parasites dying. Anyway, the little scabs and burn sensation happens with me but I don’t mind. It’s worth it. I can’t confirm very much yet except it really doesn’t make feel any different as Sonia claim.

  5. happybirthdayfatass

    Don Croft is a RL cunt, and Sonia is Don’s peddling street whore. These people don’t care about your health people. Wake up!!

  6. biggreekgeek

    @thetruthergirls Hey sonia, I have been watching your video for a while and they have gotten me to try more organics, thou my family fights sometimes. I just have a couple questions. 1. Should I feel really tired after trying kombuca for the first time? 2. I tried goji berries frozen? Is is suppose to taste sort of like tea? Thanks, keep up the good work and keep telling the truth!

  7. nenya

    I don’t know if I’m allergic to copper. If I were any non gold silver earrings for a prolonged period of time my ears will get to the point of bleeding a bit. But I suspect nickel’s the main culprit there.
    Though I’m pretty sure copper turns my skin green…

  8. vvveuvie

    You have a natural current called kundalini that runs up your spine.Ways to activate it is exercise daily, especially dancing to music, walking in nature, listening to music, laughing.Working with a clear quartz crystal and grounding your feed on the earth helps, or work with a rock.All of this is frequency based, so the higher frequencies kill the parasites in your body.Activate thymus gland also and balance your diet. There are so many plots and traps, I woulnd’t trust these devices honestly.

  9. tnleggs59

    I wonder if this would have the same effect as my tens unit, a doctor gave me this for my back and it puts electricity into you, i fractured my back in the army back in 78 and i refused to take pain pills, i’m into homeopathy and herbs and yoga, not drugs but this tens unit sounds like it would be the same thing as your zapper, and i bought the para cleanse before lol

  10. SleepingGiantsSister

    This current is also why it is a good idea to walk bare foot, your body is suppose to be in contact with earths natural current, wearing shoes blocks this contact. Even sit and/or take naps on the ground. Also avoid Iron fortefied foods as they are fortified with iron filings which fog the mind and make you feel heavy, too much iron is bad and has the same symptoms as having an iron deficiency, the filings can’t be good for the digestive tract either. They put huge amounts in kids food

  11. rayearth05

    @truthergirls I am such a conspiracy theorist damn it. Now I am beginning to speculate that you might actually have received something from worldwithoutparasites. Yet, Sonia, I will get the zapper hoping that as you said, I will clear the brain fog even a little and that I will have more energy. I will trust you. I wonder whats the difference between the three 9v zapper and the terminator zapper which is only one 9v battery. God bless you if this works for me.

  12. Valverities

    @thetruthergirls Where can you hear this interview? I sent Don a health question using the email on their website regarding the Zapper, and have yet to get any answer. I just wanted to know if they’ve received any reports about the zapper helping a particular condition affecting the eyes. So, no refunds, no answers to questions.

  13. deluxe77777

    frequency generators-there is a lot of information on this subject. They do work. Look up Hulda Clark. Another genius written out of history is Royal Rife.Keeping the information flowing

  14. studiosinger

    @zabdula You can see other videos that testify to it’s effectiveness. I have it on right now, the first hour’s been nice. You Tuber Fibroman007 in the UK has 12K views and has good things to say about it. I’ve had a chronic gastric problem for 5 years now and nothing has worked. I’m going to give a report on this on YouTube.

  15. studiosinger

    @karishore Protopic ointment works for serious eczema but there are certain possible side effects. It worked great for me.

  16. studiosinger

    @mosquitador1 We know you’d rather be lied to without acknowledging it as a lie. Because most everyone lies, it’s necessary to delineate when one is telling the truth.

  17. pashun88

    @Survival4theFamily Its almost finals week and I have a lot of typing to do, so I’ll try it. Thanks.


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