Fibers fall from sky during chemtrail spray! See & spread this.wmv

PLEASE OPEN & READ DESCRIPTION BOX! THANK YOU. We were told that if we see something to say something and so I am, here & now on behalf of all concerned Americans and fellow human beings that inhabit Planet Earth! I WANT TO FILE A COMPLAINT that there are UNKNOWN/ UNIDENTIFIED high altitude aircraft spraying us with Heavy Metals and other substances many times over the toxic level. I EXPECT our Department of Defense, our USAF & US Naval jet fighters, National Security Administration & Office of Naval Intelligence to look into this because it is blatantly obvious and terrorizing all of us. DHS, I expect you to follow up on this & to give a full, factual report on who & what these planes are which terrorize us and our skies. I AM BEING COMPLETELY HONEST HERE AND EXPECT A FULL FLEDGED INVESTIGATION AND REPORT AS THIS IS GOING ON EVERYWHERE AND SUCH IS YOUR JOB and the jobs of the EPA, USCG, NORAD etc. We, the American citizens are very serious. Please conduct the job you were hired & paid to do. We demand answers and an abrupt end to such spraying NOW! These aircraft are quite strange and literally silent. We cannot identify them and are duly concerned. Please consider this an earnest request to look into this matter as we have just cause to believe we are being poisoned and terrorized. Test results show extremely high & toxic levels of Barium, Nickel, Manganese, Aluminum & Sulphur Di Oxide, just to name a few. People are getting gravely ill, experiencing breathing issues

25 thoughts on “Fibers fall from sky during chemtrail spray! See & spread this.wmv

  1. iWillWakeYouUp

    Who wouldn’t like to be high (feel good) all day and do something GOOD FOR THE WORLD?

    Please – show some respect for SuperDeltaBravo1. He’s provided some great and very useful information. Especially that video “from chemtrails to pseudo-life” (I don’t remember the title). And all the work he does… I have great respect for? SuperDeltaBravo1 and all the other people who do great work for FREE. Thank you guys!

  2. SuperDeltaBravo1

    Not that I am aware of. The filament? shown above is reported capable of withstanding 1400 degrees Farenheit.

  3. SuperDeltaBravo1

    We’re? researching ways to flush these from our bodies then how to boost immune systems & not make ourselves “attractive hosts” to these insidious manmade parasites. I’ve found several methods to get them OUT our bodies which I’m more than happy to share with everyone! If we ALL take this test, store the results properly, we then confront the right Govt agencies w legal counsel, PROVE we have a solid case vs chemtrails, stop them then hold ALL INVOLVED ACCOUNTABLE! Good Luck. Share w all U know!

  4. tenderevolved

    Hi. Take the red wine test, me and my husband are both “infected” something must be done now. I admire superdeltabravo1 for? taking a stand, we need to start somewhere this is just so bad no wonder we feel like death warmed over. I saw a video where a woman bathed in 100% grape juice and what was left in the tub was unbelievable. I’ve got the grape juice now gotta get the nerve to do it! Peace.

  5. SuperDeltaBravo1

    *Update – results of specimen are in. Prior to sending to microbiologist it was scrutinized at length under microscope by 2 Doctors w 0 knowledge of one another. BOTH came to same opinion; “unidentifiable, artificial? plant life” Strange that both said exact same thing! Microbiologist researched thoroughly & stated that it’s artificial,
    “fungus-like” life form that exhibits “intelligence” & ability to reproduce @ various rates @ various frequencies! NOT GOOD given HAARP GWEN towers & ELF waves

  6. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – you’re right unfortunately with all the chemtrail spraying we already have the stuff inside our bodies. Check out one of my more recent videos involving a red wine test which you perform yourselves. It comes from clifford carnicom. I did it then showed the results in person to my Urologist & challenged him to do it. Only thing IS use 1 coffee filter – not 3. When the people realize what is in their bodies right now, all will? make perfect sense. DO IT. Take the test yourself.

  7. oliveroma

    I’ve sent this to all my YouTube subscribers – you’re on the right trail and hopefully, wee will get to the truth as? this is a huge crime against all humanity let alone nature!

  8. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – Thank you for this information. I have subbed you BTW because I like your uploads. It is hard to handle the blatant wrongs being perpetrated against the whole of humanity particularly the extreme spraying happening round the world on such an unprecedented scale. Something is terribly wrong. I’ve witnessed & experienced much personal loss as a direct result of this insanity as I am certain many others have. Friends, family, pets? to personally being poisoned, this is insidious

  9. chemtrailsplanet

    Very important to contact Cliff? Carnicom about this specimen ASAP — PO Box 23721 Santa Fe, NM 87502 — info(at)carnicominstitute(dot)org — 505.629.1484 (Voicemail).

  10. SuperDeltaBravo1

    As it descended it appeared to be a few inches long yet it? has “properties” much like Cotton candy in that it’s sticky & clings to things, including utensils then tends to ball up. I have been instructed (warned) NOT TO TOUCH IT WITH BARE SKIN – AT ALL! I also have from VERY REPUTABLE SOURCES from very high positions (that I am not at liberty to say who are because some are still within the Program) that I am on the right track & that most are not prepared for-

  11. SuperDeltaBravo1

    – Thank you for the info. I will do just that. I’ve known how the system works for quite some time. 2010 I sold my Motorcycle because I noticed a strange burning sensation on exposed skin. Felt like I literally was on fire. A real bummer. There’s also a certain smell to SOME chemtrails! The sense of smell is keen and immediately triggers memory, Try it w/eyes closed. The smell is 1 not? recognizable cause it’s pretty new. I WILL contact Clifford.Thank You


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