Fight back against Chemtrails & Weather Modification – Create an Orgone Grid

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25 thoughts on “Fight back against Chemtrails & Weather Modification – Create an Orgone Grid

  1. SovereignBeing

    i love the lil patch of blue over my house.. which is often present amidst the sea of heavy grey chem clouds…

  2. DiannaDebris

    Started researching this about a week ago after seeing your video. We made our first HHGs and TBs – I really can’t thank you enough! If i didn’t watch your video’s I would have never known. the vibrations and heat that come from our orgonite are what really blows my mind. we acquired crystals from a local metaphysical shop – apparently an older couple go in there ALL THE TIME that also make orgonite and CBs! Eastern Washington state, covered.

  3. ljcahoe1

    @BloomingDeerHart You must first clear the crystals of any negative energy, I place mine in salt water in a glass container for 24 hrs. Then I rinse the crystals off and in that same glass container I place them in the sun and say a prayer over them asking that they be filled with positive energy. I leave them in the sun for several hours. I also have several pieces of orgonite that are smaller than CBs that I set the crystals on when it is not sunny.

  4. 2emc

    @grandmacaesar Transmuted from negative to positive ~ that is my understanding of Orgonite (but I am just learning :-)

  5. grandmacaesar

    i have no doubt that these “chembusters” work. however…it is my concern that all it does is break up the trails, allowing the metals and other particulate to fall quicker. until someone shows me proof that the metals have somehow “disappeared”, i have to believe that they still fall to earth.

  6. 1984v

    @nate3535 Your too braindumb to do an original post you just copied and pasted this same response on another video. btw “chemtrials” linger in the sky cause they are material… “contrails” dissipate cause they are water vapor from the heat of the engines… basic science you dumb fuck. why dont you go watch some real investigation on the subject here on youtube… “What In The World Are They Spraying”. Its a documentary talking to some of the people currently concerned with this subject.

  7. nate3535

    It’s called a vapour trail.
    Contrails or vapor trails are condensation trails and artificial cirrus clouds made by the exhaust of aircraft engines or wingtip vortices which precipitate a stream of tiny ice crystals in moist, frigid upper air. Being composed of water, the visible white streams are not, in and of themselves, air pollution. However, vapour trails or contrails generated by engine exhaust are inevitably linked with typical fuel combustion pollutants.

  8. freedomdefender10

    HELLO! People need help – Aliens = NWO . Orgonite and alien connection is total BS. Alien belief is being perpetuated by Rockefeller funded discolsure project – all BS.

    Aliens = CIRCUS and is COUNTER INTELLIGENCE used to bring ridicule to this REAL SCIENCE.

    LOSE THE ALIEN BS GUY – NO SYLPHS – now or ever – wake up stop spreading disinformation.

    IF you REALLY think there are reptilian aliens – like prove it 100%.

    The establishment threw the ALIEN crap with orgonite to discredit this find.

  9. BloomingDeerHart

    what if i don’t have a CB? and want to charge crystals to make a CB?
    How would i charge them?

  10. casecar

    All chembusters do is remove the water droplets which are used to suspend the chemicals , in turn allowing them to fall right down on you… enjoy your blue skies
    You really should do more research friend…

  11. fixtheoriginal

    Fight back Chemtrails: Go to my channel to buy my Aluminium-Improved-Umbrella for only 49,99, buy three pay two. Shipping internationally to every nuthouse.

  12. isammy666

    Yeah there spraying the sky here in AUS all the time.. Open your eyes people! there not contrails there flooding the atmosphere with god nows what chemicals to slowly poison the population! Achieving their goal of a controlled de-population CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL ! FTNWO!

  13. Samuelthemule

    Such a great video, it has given me hope, and another piece of the puzzle, thanks so much!

  14. Cl1mateAware

    Humanism, sustainability and service: check out William Tarkovsky’s youtube vid ‘The Book of New Creation’.
    If you care, share.

  15. FrequencyFence

    @1seer I use 5 foot pipes. You can probably go up to 6-7 feet, but any more than that and the CB would become unstable, unless you make the base quite tall. On my full 7-pipe CB I use a 5′ extension on the center pipe, making for a total height of about 11′.

  16. 1seer

    Great video. The single CB is a graet design which lowers the cost of combatting chemtrail activity considerably.

    What length do you recomend for the pipe?

    If you produce several of these devices it may be worth using differing length pipes to effect chemtrails at different altitudes.

  17. warriorsbond

    I wonder if this is the reason we have not had much in way of ct lately. I mean can see stars and milky way at night with lights on. its amazing. I think someone has orgonite around here. I have seen slyphs as well. Has anyone made a connection to the rep’s with negative blood? I often wondered if that was a connection. I mean neg all the way across. rh and all.


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