1. angstotheclown

    Why always with the loud MUSAK? Dont you people realize youre just making more useless entertainment out of serious evidence for anything? Stop with the MTV bullshit and just POST THE VIDS.

  2. zenithal007

    Those trails are dropped down a lot in the Midwest so they can spread w/the help of wind throughout the States. Good informative vid here

  3. stillnessONtheWAY

    I know bro. These disinfo cunts are REAL and are definitly out to make you look like you are some kind of peranoid psychotic. That is the only weapon they have… they will flip the topic and bombard you with insults and false claims. These lost souls have lost their true path. I forgive them, but will their higher self forgive its present self and its ingnorance is the real question.

  4. CWA1982

    @stillnessONtheWAY dude, i post a chemtrails video and witrhin minutes i had 3 disinfo cunts all over me talkin shit and making mne look bad to someone whos unsure

  5. stillnessONtheWAY

    Hhaha funny to see you here faith inscience. you take your job of misinforming the public way to serious. You are human… start helping end informing the public of truth. Stop living a flase life… stop living a lie. Wake up man.

    Please watch out for this guy. He is a disinformant agent. I have come across him on many videos making outrages claims and remarks, attacking people on a personal levels, and never ever stating any facts or information or links on any of his claims.

  6. IExposeMormonism

    I posted Chemtrails in 1944. I also show some wild cloud patterns and snow showing up after a spraying. please take a look

  7. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    everyone falls for disinfo. it takes a bright mind to spot it. yes, chemtrails are real. yes there is a worldwide campaign going on RIGHT NOW. nighty night

  8. DaZeDmerlin

    Yea, I know about those Pollution Particles, that doesn’t make sense to me either, but one thing I know for sure, no matter who I ask it to, no one gave me anything that came close to a real answer on the few questions I asked.

  9. ar5281ar

    hey DaZe, maybe ask Obama what his friends and family will be breathing when they start putting “pollution particles” in the atmosphere to combat global warming! “they” also have had remote control jets from the 1950’s!

  10. Codfishius

    hell yeah…. japan AND china had both prisoners and prisoners of war to experiment on….. most were rebels but some were “heretics and terrorists” from US, germany, france, and local natives even…… we even in faected a subway with a bacteria called Bacillus subtlus (the same is humorous if u know ur vocab) and recorded results for future reference; this is one of my long comments so reply back with a pm or my prof….peace

  11. DaZeDmerlin

    Oh, yea, Japan was fucked up!The Nazis weren’t better though.Evil and good walk the same road, one does not exist without the other, it’s in everyone of us.
    Don’t count on God though, religion ain’t got shit to do with it imo.

  12. Codfishius

    that would mean that god exists and that we aren’t evil
    we did some pretty bad things with pathogens and chemicals(tho not as bad as japan in WWII), so……….

  13. glenninwood

    If you shoot and it turns out they are evil then what harm done other than save peeple who might be hurt by chemspray.
    If they are doing God’s work then God will make them safe from your bullets and no harm done anyway.
    Who will be first to bring one of them down and proove to the world we are right. Might be a world of shit though if it turns out to be harmless contrails as most people say.
    Hard to know how any clouds form like why do clouds form on the side of a mountain?

  14. glenninwood

    kidjr27 may be right. He says that chemtrails are the work of satan.

    They probably don’t need to be paid money or worry on the effects on themselves if they are servants of Satan.
    Another new theory is that they are actually spraying manna. Yes that’s right MANNA from heaven.
    Some folk in my church have been following this for a few years and think that it is actually Jesus’s work in chemspraying . They could be trying to spray in order to fight evil and degeneration on earth. who knows yet?

  15. Codfishius

    I beleive they are vaccinated lightly but all they are doing is experimenting; they will infect, pay a visit as “Doc” and record the symptoms and send the info to …… whereever; i think the pilot is aware of it and is being pay a sizable income for his services
    belive it ot not but they do this quite often

  16. DaZeDmerlin

    Anyone here who can explain to me why “they” are spraying this shit also in their own air?Do they take special medication against the effects, and how do they equip airplanes with this stuff, and how do they refill it, is the pilot aware of this?

  17. Grommo

    Yeah, right, so these clouds held together by fibres travel all the way to the ground after forming at 30,000 ft. Got any vids of that happening?
    Or can we expect to see it in Pixars sequel to “Up” which will be called “down”


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