25 thoughts on “Flirting With Disaster

  1. dvmcgovern

    @UPTHElRS I actually sent that Kodak C875 off to be repaired because the picture stabilizer was messed up and when it came back it had that speck in the corner that would appear at mid zoom. I eventually moved on to another Kodak and then to a Canon. But yes the orbs are everywhere we just don’t take the time to stop and look for them.


    @dvmcgovern coiencidence? i dropped my cam too… a white dot appears, then 2. took a while but i eventually saw streaks going to&fro it and objects in the sky. just like the streaks elsewhere. check this vid at 0:33 top left corner. no streak during this footage, trust me, it happens. watch?v=vwpENcJZZ9U (pet orb… every where i go)
    take care

  3. dvmcgovern

    @UPTHElRS The blur was a spot on my lens from dropping my camera. All the pics are mine taken over the last 5 years here in Arizona. I liked the song thats why I used it. Thanks for commenting. Daph


    not sure ‘flirting quite describes the peril. dont know if these are your pics, either way, theres a blur in the top rt corner, that some people would call a lens abboration… i got another word for it.
    thanks for your efforts.
    take care,
    love ya,

  5. dvmcgovern

    @jh4dc5s You can find Orbs in a plain blue sky. take lots of pictures and then look through them. you will be shocked at what you see. Thanks for commenting. Daph

  6. jh4dc5s

    Thanks for sharing. I can see your getting your daily dose of aluminum and barium too. They have been spraying at night here, also seen some orbs next to a couple trails last Saturday.

  7. dvmcgovern

    @happygalmarried We have had some of the trails do the same thing here. It has nothing to do with the humidity and everything to do with the content of the chemtrail. Thanks. Daph

  8. happygalmarried

    Same here in Indiana, but I noticed “Web” things in the air for the first time! Seems the trails changed a bit too, they seemed to vanish more quickly than “normal”

  9. dvmcgovern

    @haarpcloud911 You mean NOW for NO. I found it and deleted it. I surely don’t want anyone to think I can’t spell. LOL. But really there is NO way Dave could never have seen the spraying. A blind man could see it. Daph

  10. dvmcgovern

    @haarpcloud911 Ok what did I misspell? I hate misspelling a word…any word…where is it I must render it spelled correctly…

  11. haarpcloud911

    @dvmcgovern Spell much…lol
    I do agree though, these chemtrails are EVERYWHERE…!
    Maybe if Dave actually looks UP in the SKY he will see them!

  12. rushfan9thcmd

    I suppose you have plenty more pics in the archive Daph? Looking back through so many photos, and knowing they are admitting to the geoengineering project is somewhat gutwrenching. I ordered G. Edward Griffin’s new video about chemtrails. It should be very interesting. I ordered it through prisonplanet com. I also ordered Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s new video about vaccines. Both should offer great information. Great vid as always Daph!

  13. WeCanAllGetAllong

    Thats excatly waht thier doing alright!

    I wonder what might come as a result of just mass amounts of people starting to sue for our air!…just a thought
    Ther are flirting with disaster….

  14. DavesVideos313

    @dvmcgovern not here in DC they dont do it, ive never seen the skies THATR BAD here in DC

  15. OldSchoolAmerican

    @DavesVideos313 fuckyouobama1 lives in upstate NY I believe, and has posted video of chemtrails there recently


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