Flu Attack 15.11.2009 1/2

this video shows heavy Aircraft spraying on 15.11.2009 over Lower Austria which could be a terrorist act in order to trigger a flu pandemic here in Austria like in Ukraine. So far the virus has stayed mild and not turned as violent as it is in the Ukraine where 1,45 million people are infected and the infection took place overnight. There is hard evidence that the reason for this overnight outbreak in Ukraine of the much more lethal type of pneumonia-related swine flu broke out after heavy overnight aircraft spraying activity. Having followed normal Chemtrail activity over our ground for almost 6 months I recognized this attack as different as usual from several perspectives. 1) unlike past Chemtrail experience the aircraft trails lingered quite fast and produced huge fields of white haze. 2) there were all sorts of different planes and trails involved which made the whole attack look like a war invasion of all available enemy forces. 3) I catched a pilot to turn the Chem-button ON/OFF 2 times after signs of emptiness of his tank appeared in the sky. (it could be done without pilot intervention with the last “drops” of the tank showing up in the air). I also recognized trails to be initiated right before haze (indicating that they spray something into an already intoxified area). 4) our head of the state Dr. Fischer made newspaper promotion to take the swine flu vaccine 5 days earlier: www.prisonplanet.at www.theflucase.com Are Poland and Austria at the forefront of an

25 thoughts on “Flu Attack 15.11.2009 1/2

  1. nikkilovesdustie

    wow I have never seen them spray so heavy! I took some pics today at my house. They spray here everyday! message me if you want the link to my album

  2. TheNomadTraveler

    The trails consist of hydrogenhydroxide from the jet fuel. The trails are always associated with the number of engines. Three trails is an L1011 or DC10, which have an engine in the tail.

  3. mrbag60

    Multinational corporations and various governments probably under the UN’s aegis, spray chemtrails (probably mixed with other pathogens) to weaken our immune systems, use media propaganda to create pandemic panic (think H1N1) and a herd mentality for vaccinations, then limit peoples access to safe and effective natural supplements via Codex Alimentarius sounds to me like part a plan for “culling the herd” then establishing a world-wide totalitarian corporate state.

  4. CheetahFoxx

    3:53. It is a good tactic. Any sane individual would just brush it off by saying that the clouds mark an area of cooler air where vapors (like those from the engines) condense easier and last longer.

  5. LibranEsq

    hello all !!! There is an antidote anyone can use against them. VALARIEN…. Get the ground valarien root powder…It comes in little plastic capsules. When youy see the american air force attacking (THATS who it is) start blasting away by tossing valarien powder up at them…It turns their poison reddish orange and then melts it…watch the shit dissolve and the blue sky shine thru. Dont be bashful Give the american poison jets a faceful,,, a fist full of valarien root powder

  6. Silberhorter

    ja die Grünen sind Nazi-Abkömmlinge so wie der WWF der von hardliner Eugenisten ins Leben gerufen wurde, (huxley, price bernhard, philip), um über versteckte Art und Weise den Nazi Holocaust fortzuführen, nachdem Eugenisten total verrufen waren nach dem Holocaust. Bis heute verachten diese Eco-Faschisten die Würde des Menschen und führen das Nazi-Werk fort,heimlich, still und leise. Diese Deppen protestieren nun auch für eine CO2-Steuer in Kopenhagen und glauben an die Klimalüge

  7. Goldcortex

    Hej Silberhorter, hatte heute ein Treffen mit dem Umweltsprecher der Grünen im Rathaus. Wie es aussieht sitzen die da mit im Boot. Ausser “das ist alles Verschwörungswahnsinn” und “das sind nur Kondensstreifen” war nichts rauszuholen. Obwohl er sich merkbar über die FED und auch die AlpeAdriaBank büskiert hat. ??? Wieauchimmer- concens=nonsens!
    Next stepz… WORLDPEACE

  8. Silberhorter

    now we all know whats going on or at least that something is wrong. we need to face it and no more hiding allowed for us, the people.

  9. Silberhorter

    we won already? we have not even put the truth out to the cities…US and Birtish governments admitted to have carried out biological tests on innocent people since the 60’a, if you watch my latest video you can find the links in the more info section. Air is the perfect attack-field for large populations and they tested since decades. Now they are carrying out their masterplan.

  10. Silberhorter

    truth will prevail sooner rather than later. Dont be angry, thats part of their plan. Lets focus to get the truth out…we need more alex jones poster events, worldwide.

  11. LibranEsq

    They are AMERICANS !!!
    It’s the US Air Force. It’s what they do: Even to their own people.
    SOMEONE shoot them DOWN !!!!

  12. waltermouthoh

    Monsanto, chemical corps(es, big pharma and big oil’s number one competitor is Nature. Kill Nature and they’ve won is the way they see it in their distorted thinking. (these guys are really screwed up in the head for sure.) You know what the reality is right? Anti-Nature is The Anti-Christ. Big oil, big pharma, big chemical, Monsanto and all the other corps(es are the anti-Christ. Build your own electric car, easy. good site is soisnessdotorg.

  13. jaraki

    its not more easy to “spray” at night?
    sorry but its look all normal for me.

    U guys can be on a bio attack
    but its not from air.

    i hope we guys won this battle.
    Cheers from Brazil.


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