Flying through chemtrails UNCUT VERSION

the uncut version…..Heading down to do a concert in Sydney I noticed what appeared to be a chemtrail being laid. I then realised we had just gone through one.. And there were three more we went under. This main part is over Newcastle….

24 thoughts on “Flying through chemtrails UNCUT VERSION

  1. erniepond1

    I have gone to a great deal of trouble to document a method of identifying flights of air craft having trails. Really, this is necessary to determine what type of trails these are. Otherwise, all that these “chemtrail” videos present is just rhetoric!
    Contrail Forecasting, Australia and? North America.

  2. erniepond1

    If you want to see my? ideas, have a look through my playlists.
    Stop inventing things in your attempt to justify your mistaken believe in “chemtrails”.

  3. thurmanrandy

    @erniepond1 fuckoff ernie. You don’t even have any of your own words or ideas. If I want links on the internet I have google. Have fun living your pathetic following type existence. ?

  4. erniepond1

    Spreading Contrail Examples.
    New Contrail Studies.
    Search for contrails in satellite imagery.
    Clouds and? Contrails in Motion.
    Link to a radio talk show where Dr. Minnis provides answers to questions about contrails and “chemtrails.” It was recorded on March 19, 2006 starting at 10 AM as part of the “Talk of the Bay” show at KUSP public radio in SantaCruz, California.
    Link to the NOVA article, “The Contrail Effect” by Peter Tyson

  5. erniepond1

    Jet Trails just water vapor, not sprayed chemicals, experts say : November 29, 2006 Tennessean(.)com article, by Anne Paine
    Concern Grows Over? Pollution from Jets : December 19, 2006 USA Today article, by Gary Stoller.
    Out of the Blue :February 8, 2007 Virginian-Pilot article, by Lon Wagner.

  6. thurmanrandy

    @erniepond1 Don’t cry ernie, geeze, lol. Well yes I? fucking did, I can’t find it, but when I do I will link it. They had a comment page and I posted a comment under the name “concerned citizen”, go look maybe you will find it. I told them their info went in circles and it didn’t make sense. You are panicking because you are scared you are wrong.

  7. thurmanrandy

    @erniepond1 OMG! You are so right! I believe everything? you say now! Thanks for fixing me! Contrails are normal everyone! So you better get in your house before erniepond has to have a talk with you and straighten you out.

  8. thurmanrandy

    @erniepond1 You are a straight up dumbass. That video is just you recording the Contrail education website. It is easier to go to the website, the one I keep talking about. IT CALLED CONTRAIL EDUCATION CONTRAIL EDCUATION, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TYPING? . I have read it front to back and it is inconclusive and ignorant. You pull your head out of the sand and get? a clue.

  9. erniepond1

    The video I referenced is ALL you need !
    Go stick your head in the sand and? ignore what NASA really says !

  10. erniepond1

    Sorry you? can’t understand scientific literature.
    NASA Contrails

  11. thurmanrandy

    “Emissions include carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons such as methane, sulfates (SOx), and soot and metal particles.” METAL PARTICLES! What kind? lol Well there goes the belief that contrails are only moisture. Its on the contrail science section of? the NASA contrail edcuation site. They only say it once, so pay attention.

  12. thurmanrandy

    I am not saying NASA said spreading persistent contrails are a lie. I am saying that spreading persistent contrails are a lie. Nasa says that spreading persistent contrails happen but they don’t exactly know why they happen or the cause they will have on the enviroment. Iran does not have any spreading persistent contrails, but they do have jets. SPCs are actually chemtrails, the NASA? site even says there is metal in the jet fuel.

  13. thurmanrandy

    You can see in this vid how they do it above the clouds. When you do see natural clouds, which is becoming a rare experience, it is guaranteed they are spray hardcore above the real stuff. Every time there? is a small window, I can see them above going crazy. They have been spraying day and night here, since the 1st of the year, I have a feeling they are not going to take any breaks this time. Check my videos for Stealths spraying chemtrails.

  14. thurmanrandy

    @erniepond1 spreading persistent contrails are a lie. They do not exist!! Go to contrail education, it is a NASA website. I read it all back to back, all of their info goes in circles, and they explain perfectly why this happens. But, in the conclusion of? ALL their research, they say they don’t know how this happens or what the affect will be on all of our natural resources. So basically they say they don’t know shit, just like you and all the contards. U only believe what they telu.

  15. ouivalerie

    @WEATHERORNUT In case of potential terrorist threat all citizens should have laws guaranteeing them the right to track these things in the sky or shoot them down out of their airspace. Citizens really do have mysterious terrorists threatening them, regardless of wether the gov created false one’s on 9/11. There are obviously bullies in the world,? and count among them biological warfare military and population thinners. All it does to reject is CAUSE a greater population.


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