Fox 31 Chemtrail con job

Disinformation from Denver news channel Fox 31 chem trail piece with a little truth, and a bunch of lies.

25 thoughts on “Fox 31 Chemtrail con job

  1. shellynichole71

    I hope Fox news doesn’t sell out because this is the only dang news chanel you’ll ever hear about this from. Keep it up Fox!! I’m sick of these f-ckers doing what the hell they want without our permission…. Grrrrrr!!

  2. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    haha they keep saying GOVERNMENT and PLANES… haahhahah these aren’t conventional craft, they’re holograms projected from orbs. Also, the gov’t is just the coverup… this is run by a higher authority, our REAL puppetmasters. Look at this and every chem videos, the holograms of the plane is VERY vague, sometimes showing the 5 white orbs- they glow. The tip or nose of the plane often glows the most

  3. crittertv

    So did I, about 9am, ALL OVER THE sky, It was incredible that they get away with that sh*t, 1 trail in particular right over my building, started oozing particles and looked like a jelly fish, just unbeleivable.

  4. crittertv

    Govt lies plain and simple, they are over Denver as I write this, everywhere! thick as clouds, its unbeleivable! I can see over 25 trails from my window right now!

  5. AceOfHeart2012

    And for another thing, if those chemtrails were made by conventional commercial air traffic those pilots are in violation of every FAA Commercial Regulation in the book! They’d have their licenses yanked so fast that their alcohol saturated noses would fall off. So the next time some government bureaucrat tells you that “those are just conventional passenger airliners” crap you can know he’s full of shit. Tell him you want to formerly file a criminal complaint with the FAA to investigate.

  6. AceOfHeart2012

    Chemtrail spraying is domestic terrorism pure and simple. They’re spraying Barium and Aluminum which we ingest lodging in our lungs making visible on X Band Radar. They know there is resistance to the chip (by the way, the cops are all already chipped) so they need other means to track the herd. And you gotta love the robotic, mind controlled talking heads. They’re called “anchors” for a reason. Study NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and you’ll know why it’s call “television programming”.

  7. Susieshepherd

    I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS! THE FUCKING GOVT DOES NOT OWN THE FUCKING SKY….ITS MY FUCKING SKY TOO & THEY SERIOUSLY NEED TO TAKE THEIR LITTLE PROGRAMS & SHOVE THEM UP THEIR ASS. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that whatever they are spraying is poison- & in my opinion its attempted murder

  8. Empress1Unique

    If it’s used for Weather Modification why won’t they just squash this so called “conspiracy”. It’s chemicals and it’s harmful, that’s why.

    Karma is going to be a bitch.

  9. SahMai

    Same chemtrails here in Perth Western Australia .
    Most of the Perth population are getting sick . Its effecting animals / birds ect.

  10. Moncantha

    no your a fag….chemtrails don’t exist they ARE contrails. Any plane enthusiast knows this. They

    They don’t form at low altitude you never see them when planes take off. Its because the earth is too warm…They only form high up where its cold.

    Now go fuckyourself retard…

  11. jbreezes

    The morons are the ones who think exhaust freezes on warmer days at low altitude but not on colder day, or that exhaust spreads, grows, expands and solidifies due to “humidity” even though there are some days with natural clouds and no trails. O’h yea, and also some days the airports apparently close or no one needs to fly and other days billions fly over just one county. Now who is the moron?

  12. jbreezes

    Con’d) Clouds indicate humidity. So what weather conditions are these debunkers referring to when they say weather conditions make “contrails” last for hours?

  13. jbreezes

    Apparently the airport was closed on Wednesday and Friday, but Thursday and today (Saturday) everyone from the whole entire country needs to fly just over my town alone AND all the jets are apparently having emergencies because ALL of them are “dumping fuel” and it’s such a miracle that none of them crashed from “dumping” more fuel than they can carry. O’h yea, AND no trails on 18 degree day, but sky is thick today (76 degrees); AND no trails on a cloudy day. (con’t)


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