Freeman-Edge TV June 2009 (Full Length)

“Freeman is an internationally known and award winning TV Producer from Austin Texas. His Show ‘The Freeman Perspective’ has won over many viewers. In Tonight’s show Theo and Freeman will cover his views on Barack Obama, mind control, The Mayan Calender and Freemasonry and much much more.”

3 thoughts on “Freeman-Edge TV June 2009 (Full Length)

  1. keshsor

    THIRD WORLD WAR did? not happen until today so yes by 2029 so let’s hope God the savier of our soul Lord Jesus Christ come or send his angels to us to defend us. Yes the Illuminatis are scum blood drinkers of innocents enjoy hurting and harming childen of God by creating programme such as, School without hope, colleges without need, universities without jobs, finally get job only to loose along with your home, money, food, life and hope itself so yes they are rulling your soul. Pray and stand up

  2. weesoul

    yes…liquidating? their assests, because the system will collapse. thanx for sharing, it’s made things so much clearer


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