Freeman, Jamie & Wash Your Brain-Hollywood Mind Control (Full)

Tania and shane from wash your brain interview Freeman and his wife Jamie June 2011 From ancient goddesses to Lady Gaga, culture creation is the method of rulers to keep children fighting wars. Jamie and Freeman join Wash Your Brain to open the doors to occult rituals in Hollywood laying bare the propaganda techniques to help guide our youth out of the black magic spell.

25 thoughts on “Freeman, Jamie & Wash Your Brain-Hollywood Mind Control (Full)

  1. TruthTube1111

    The Bible was penned by men and manipulated at the council of? nicaea.
    Magic and witchcraft are not evil…. only certain men are.

  2. Billie Godfrey

    foolish people…? i believe in the nwo and satanism… but we dont have power like u think within ourselfs….. and by the way… god was before satan and his lies… read the bible and u will understand that things in this world.. not by magic… magic is witchcraft and is evil.

  3. nat7747

    when you are talking about Kali, you leave out some pretty important things… she? is not just a warrior crazy goddess, she is also a nurturing mother goddess who protects her children… it depends on which foot is foward in iconic paintings of her… most of the warrior goddesses are “crazy” because they do protect their children… notice how Kali is standing on a MAN who brings forth the evils of the world

  4. Freemantv

    Be the first to? get Freeman and Jamie’s new book “Weird Stuff” on Kickstarter or go to FreemanTV(dot)com

  5. john sarakun

    you mentioned Dairy Queen, I worked there for one season and they do treat you like a number. The music that is mandatory is music by Taylor Swift, Brittany Spears, just to name a few, and I was getting to the point I cried when I had to go to work. I am a Christian Woman and I could sense Evil. One time stuff came off of the shelves I tried to bless the building and eventually I was? laid off, never went back. I could feel it and it made me sick.

  6. draugelisbl

    basics of magic are thoughs, feelings and knowing.. simple as that, master this and you gonna be immune to the shit around you but it is extremely difficult,? hardest task in life.. do not underestimate its simplicity.. can you imagine your life withought artificial thoughts? no tv, no music just you and nature.. and of course a whole bunch of zombies around you with their goal to distract you and keep you down.. and remember never watch tv again, under any circumstances, ever. it’s bad for ya 😀

  7. bmw81187

    Dude, there is about 18 books that were taken out of the bible. I kind of doubt that you should be taking anything in the censored version of the? bible literally.

  8. C4D3S16NS

    yeah? u know when things get rouf we seem to change to meet the challange,, like when the mothers baby was trapped under a car and the mom lifted the car and saved him..

  9. Indigo656

    I must say I was blown away to find out Steve Willner is making videos for Supriem David Rockefeller. I love? Steves soundlessdawn channel and his videos on synchromysticism, and found Supriem to be humorous at best. I don’t understand what happened there.

  10. Peabody6517

    The power that Moses used in the bible was not magic, it was the power of God.? Also sorcery and magic is explicitly denounced in the bible.

  11. shartne

    and Amy Winehouse is Lady Gaga remember when they said Paul is dead and Garth Brooks was pretending to be some? dark rocker guy. The do this stuff.

  12. webspaceinvader

    I just listened to the whole show and I agree with pretty much everything said. I have never met freeman or his associates, or listened to any other of his shows. this is absolutely? brilliant information.

  13. TLW0225

    Do you have children? I do and humans are not really good. Man is desparately wicked. If satanist are real, then I submit that Satan and God? are real also.

  14. mikebtko

    So I love? the secret, that humans are really good. Humans have to be taught, poked and prodded, into killing one another… It’s all programming, it’s over, and now we evolve….

  15. RedBullBanana

    Wow this was fascinating! One of the most entertaining interviews I’ve heard in a while. I can’t wait for that magazine Jamie seems very? wise and knowlegable.


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